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wind turbine erection

Since Bigge helped erect the first wind farm in California in 1979, Bigge has helped to accelerate the construction of wind turbine parks. With more than 25 years of experience, and the largest dedicated wind power optimized crawler crane fleet for rent in the U.S., Bigge is the leader in wind turbine erection and maintenance.

Wind power continues to explode and is now a mainstream option for electricity generation as well as a cost effective, domestic power source across the country. The U.S. wind power industry shattered all previous records in 2009, with 45% growth and more than 7,200 megawatts installed. That new capacity will generate 26-billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean, cost-effective electricity in 2010—equivalent to powering more than 2 million American homes. No other technology is installing zero-emissions power generation on such a scale today. Wind projects now account for about 30% of all new power generation.

Bigge has a specialized fleet of crawler and rough terrain cranes dedicated to wind turbine erection. All crawlers are available for operated and maintained crane rental service in the western United States. Crawler cranes are available for bare rental nationwide out of any of our 14 locations, including our Gulf Coast headquarters in Houston, TX and our East Coast headquarters in Richmond, VA. Bigge also supports wind power contractors by offering a full engineering design service, complete with Auto CAD drawings, for lift planning and transportation operations.

"We have put together a fleet of cranes that we believe offer our customers the very best solutions in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability. In addition to the best machines, we also have the best people. We have a nationwide network of factory-trained service engineers as well as teams of project managers, estimators and safety professionals."
- Jesse Sullivan, Project Manager for Bigge’s Wind Power Division

Our Wind Power fleet includes:

Liebherr LR1600/2 - The newest addition to Bigge's windpower fleet is also the biggest. The LR1600 crawler crane has a lift capacity of 660 tons and is the best crane in the world for mounting turbines on 100m towers. The 1600 is configured for wind turbine erection, giving it 15% more capacity than the Demag CC2800. With 354' of boom and 39' jib, the LR1600/2 can hoist more than 100 tons at a 60' radius.

icon notepad Our Liebherr LR1600/2 Fleet

Manitowoc 16000 - Bigge recently took delivery of the first two Manitowoc 16000 Crawler Cranes with the new Heavy Boom and Wind Jib attachments optimized for wind turbine erection and maintenance. The 16000 is equipped with 292 ft heavy boom and new 25’ wind jib. With the heavy-boom attachment, the 16000 is now unparalleled when erecting 2.5 MW turbines on 80m & 85m towers.

pdf icon Safety. Service. Reliability.

Liebherr LR1300 - Bigge has been deploying its family of Liebherr crawler cranes to wind power projects around the country for years. Its newest addition is the LR1300, with a maximum lift capacity of 330 tons. The LR series crawlers have superior load charts, are Tier 3 compliant, and each comes equipped with a newly designed 23' windmill jib and the highest capacity to weight ratio in their class. Bigge operates the largest LR fleet in the U.S.

Other Rough Terrain Cranes - For other lifting work, Bigge has assembled some of the largest rubber-tired rough terrain cranes ever produced. These include the dozens of Terex RT1120 (120-ton capacity), Terex RT 1000 (100-ton capacity) and the Link-Belt RTC 80130, rated at 130-ton capacity and with 162 feet of telescopic main boom and 55 feet of jib. These new high-performance rough terrain cranes have incredible lift capacities and are a perfect secondary crane.

Grove RT9130 - The Grove RT9130 is a large-capacity rough terrain crane ideal for work at wind farms and refineries, as well as general civil and industrial construction projects. It has a reach well over 200 feet, the longest of any rough terrain crane. Its maximum capacity of 130 tons is also best in class. This crane is ideally suited for setting cages, tailing refinery vessels, and erecting tower crane sections.

Link-Belt RTC8090 - This Rough Terrain crane has a 90-ton maximum lift capacity and 140-foot, five-section, hydraulic telescoping boom with quick reeve boom head. Two big advantages of this model are its chart, which is the best in its class, and its small footprint. It is an ideal helper crane to lift the larger wind turbine nacelles, and its maneuverability makes it easy to transport and well-suited to wind farm work.

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