At Bigge, Safety First” is more than just a slogan. It represents our most important core value and an integral part of our company’s culture. From the early planning stages to the completion of work, we are committed to promoting an injury and accident-free environment while providing the safest workplace possible for our employees, clients, project-site contractors, and the public.

Bigge Safety Statistics

Two important metrics are considered when it comes to evaluating a company’s historical safety records: EMR (Experience Modification Rate) — an insurance industry metric, and TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) — an OSHA metric.

Both metrics aggregate annual and policy year statistics, and in the case of the EMR, data is retrospective for the past 3 full Workers’ Compensation policy periods. TRIR is calculated based on the number of OSHA recordable injury accidents and man hours the company has worked in a given calendar year. EMR is calculated by independent agencies (NCCI/WCIRB) and includes an employer’s payroll volume by worker classification and actual versus expected claim losses by job classification.

The most recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates the construction industry is averaging a TRIR of 3.1, and <1.0 is considered a favorable EMR within the insurance industry. In comparison to these industry standards, Bigge has been averaging rates (as seen in the table below) for both EMR and TRIR that are fractions of the national averages. Bigge has been a member of the National Safety Council since 1990.

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co.: TRIR and EMR

Safety Metrics 2019 2018 2017 2016
TRIR0.39 0.39 0.53 0.59
EMR0.57 0.52 0.54 0.48
Man hours worked1,974,531 2,022,244 1,892,817 1,678,132

With over 2 million hours worked in 2019, Bigge had a record low TRIR of 0.39 and an EMR of 0.57 quite incredible for a company that owns and operates over 1,500 cranes across the nation.

Bigge Safety Awards

Bigge is recognized for its superior safety standards and practices by official safety committees and customers alike. In 2019, Bigge received a Crane & Rigging Safety Award from the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA).

SC&RA is an international trade association, that monitors and provides recommendations for pending legislation and regulatory policies at the state and national levels. The organization is committed to researching and reporting on safety concerns and best business practices in the industry. Bigge’s been an active member of SC&RA, contributing to research and establishing some of the best safety practices in crane and rigging industry, and received numerous safety awards from this world-class organization in our 60+ years of membership.

Safety First

At the corporate level, our health, safety, and environmental efforts are managed by a team of professional safety personnel. Through innovative education and training programs, we provide our project managers, craft supervisors and employees with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to accomplish their work safely, thereby reducing risk and controlling losses. This makes them our most important asset. We acknowledge their individual safety performance with a structured award program.

We believe that the prevention of injuries and accidents is both a moral obligation and good business. We recognize that our safety efforts must have the same value as production and quality. Our customers know of our commitment to safety, and they continue to choose our company to provide for their specialized needs because of this shared value. Time and again, these same clients have recognized Bigge with safety awards for exceeding their health, safety and environmental standards.