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Demag AC350

The Demag AC 350 is a powerful all-terrain crane designed specifically for heavy duty projects. It has an enormous 386 ton (350 t) max lift capacity, 184 ft (56 m) main boom length, and a 59.4 ft (18 m) max jib length. It’s all powered by a DaimlerChrysler OM 906 LA water-cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine which produces up to 279 hp (205 kW).

This isn’t your typical big crane though. It’s incredibly easy to use and its optimized design gives it the biggest possible working range for its size. It’s nimble enough to perform in tight quarters, and its compact frame makes it easy to transport from one project site to the other. When it comes to operator comfort, the creators of the Demag AC 350 didn’t hold back. The rubber-mounted steel cab comes with two heated seats (with arm and head rests) which are equipped with three-point seat belts, air conditioning, water heater, window defroster, and a vertically adjustable steering wheel just to name a few.

As impressive as the Demag AC 350 is, there are additional options available to increase the capabilities of this already powerful all-terrain crane. Some of these include: bunk beds and rollers installed in the cab, central lubrication system, independent rear axle system, additional counterweight of up to 90 tons (81.6 t), additional sheaves for heavy lifting tasks, and a reversing camera that gives the operator eyes in the back of his/her head.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 396 tons
Maximum Boom Length 183.7 feet
Maximum Jib Length 59.4 feet

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