Liebherr LR 1300 Ballast Wagon

Component Information

Liebherr LR 1300 Ballast Wagon

Liebherr LR1300 Ballast Wagon/​Superlift Counterweight Carriage

Planning considerations go far beyond just the lifting radius and load capacity chart when utilizing a Liebherr lattice boom crawler crane on a heavy lift project. The true strength of lattice boom crawler cranes comes from the utilization of additional heavy lift ballast in forms of a tray or wagon, sometimes also referred to as bogey,” buggy,” maxer,” or superlift.” Wagons significantly increase the crawler crane’s lifting capacities.

Using a wagon offers the primary advantage of ease of use in high volume, repetitive work. A wagon can be loaded to its maximum capacity and still allow the crane to swing, even with no load on the hook, increasing the flexibility of lifting operations and simplifying preliminary planning.

Here are features and specs for this LIEBHERR LR1300 ballast wagon:

Derrick-foot — 8’ 17,200 lbs (including rope)
Boom Section – 8’ 2,300 lbs
Boom Section – 8’ 5,560 lbs
Boom head – 8’ 11,900 lbs
Distance Frame – 8’1” 1,100 lbs
Counterweight frame – 16’7” 31,700 lbs
Wheeled counterweight carriage – 5’4” 29,000 lbs
Telescopic unit – 8’11” 14,650 lbs