Link-Belt HTC-8075-II

Truck Crane Information

Link-Belt HTC-8075-II

Max. Cap 75 US Tons
Boom 127 ft
Jib 96 ft

The Link-Belt HTC-8075 II is a nimble hydraulic truck crane. It has a main boom max length of 127 ft. (39 m), a max jib length of 96 ft. (29 m), and a maximum lifting capacity of 75 tons (68 t). The Link-Belt HTC-8075 is driven by a six-cylinder Caterpillar C13 engine that produces up to 445 (331 kW) and a decent-sized 95-galgallon (360 L) fuel tank.

It comes with a pressure compensated, six-pump hydraulic system that allows for precise and simultaneous movements of the winch, telescope, boom hoist, and swing. The two-speed hydraulic hoist system is one of the most efficient systems around.

That’s not all there is to love about the Link-Belt HTC-8075 though. It also features a fully enclosed operator cab with acoustical lining. The cab is made out of vanized steel, and it comes standard with features like: tinted glass and tempered windows, a diesel-fired heater, an air circulation fan, a dome light, a fire extinguisher, an adjustable sun visor, a two-position travel swing lock, and a comfortable operator’s seat that comes with armrest integrated controls.

For those looking to get a bit more out of this hydraulic truck crane, available options include: an aluminum storage box, fly extensions, a hook block and ball, and an auxiliary lifting sheave.

To find out more about the Link-Belt HTC-8075, feel free to contact us at (510) 639‑4041.