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Announcing the Bigge Blog

May 20 2015

When Bigge was established in 1916, it was based on the belief that we could best serve our customers by hands-on management of the services needed, and the utilization of our own fleet of heavy lift and transportation equipment. Today we maintain that vision and continue to excel in providing the best and most versatile fleet, and exceptional safety and services to our customers around the world.

Bigge’s roots are in California. From hauling steel for the Golden Gate Bridge, to transporting Liberty ship sections in World War II, Bigge has been heavily involved with the development and building of California.



Now, Bigge has become an international company, with locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Houston, South Carolina, Virginia, and Rio De Janiero.

With the launch of the Bigge Blog, we plan to share the knowledge and industry insights that have made Bigge successful for 99 years, as well as inform and amaze you with ground breaking projects.

In order to continue to bring the services our customers have to come to expect, Bigge has recently launched the new The new website features a quick quote system, easier navigation, and access to a MyBigge account.

The new MyBigge account is revolutionary to the crane industry. It will allow you to:

1. See past orders

2. See current orders

3. See projected timelines

4. Save quotes for future reference

Additional features will continue to be rolled out as developed and based on customer feedback.

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