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Featured Hydraulic Trucks: Terex Cranes

Jul 2 2015

Terex Corporation is an American manufacturer of a broad range of heavy equipment for a variety of industries. Founded in 1925 their major business segments include construction cranes, materials processing and mining, roadbuilding and utility products, and aerial work platform. Terex operates 50 manufacturing facilities around the world.

Bigge is proud to offer the full range of Terex cranes for sale and rental. One example, the Hydraulic Truck Crane, is a hybrid of a truck and a crane. The crane is mounted on a truck carrier, providing excellent mobility. The lower (the carrier) and upper (lifting component) are forged together through a turntable, allowing the crane to swing from one side to another. Usually, Hydraulic Truck Cranes can travel on highways, allowing for easy transport. 



1. T340-1XL

The Terex T340-1XL is the bigger version of the T340-1. With a lifting capacity of 40 tons, boom length of 105 ft., jib length of 32-49 ft., and a Cummins engine the T340-1XL is an exceptional Truck Crane. Key features include:
  1. 105' Main Boom is best in class
  2. Durable construction
  3. Lower repair costs
  4. Operations from the upper cab
  5. Automatic transmission
  6. Exterior outrigger controls
  7. Computer-generated work envelope

2. T560

t560The Terex T560 is a formidable Hydraulic Truck Crane. With a lifting capacity of 60 tons, boom length of 110 ft., jib length of 33-57 ft., and a Detroit engine, this 2 winch crane has a great applicability. Key features include:

  1. 170 ft. tip height
  2. Air-ride suspension
  3. Travel speeds up to 65 mph
  4. Fully independent multi-position out and down outriggers

View Our Terex Hydraulic Truck Cranes

Hydraulic Truck Cranes are the perfect option when transportability and mobility are a priority. In addition to this Terex Hydraulic Truck Crane, we carry their whole line of excellent machinery including All Terrain Cranes, Tower Cranes, Crawler Cranes and more.


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