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Featured Rough Terrain: Terex Cranes

Jun 10 2015

Terex Corporation is an American manufacturer of a broad range of heavy equipment for a variety of industries. Founded in 1925 their major business segments include aerial work platforms, materials processing and mining, construction cranes, and road building and utility products. Terex operates 50 manufacturing facilities around the world.

Bigge is proud to offer the full range of Terex cranes for sale and rental. One example, the Rough Terrain Crane, has four rubber tires that are designed for off-road and pick-and-carry operations. Outriggers provide stabilization for the crane for hoisting. Most Rough Terrain Cranes have 4 wheel steering and 4 wheel drive, allowing them to fit into tighter job sites and navigate rougher terrain.

1. TEREX RT555

The Terex RT555 rough terrain crane has a maximum lift capacity of 55 tons and a four-section full-power mechanically synchronized telescoping boom with a maximum length of 110 feet. This Rough Terrain Crane is fitted with advanced suspension, fully independent hydraulic outriggers, hydrostatic power steering, and a high-tech operator's cab. Key features include:

Quick reeving block and boom head
Easy transportation- best in class
Single boom cylinder
4x4x4 Drive
2 speed main and aux winches


2. TEREX RT780

The Terex RT780 Rough Terrain Crane has a maximum lift capacity of 80 tons and a four-section full-power mechanically synchronized telescoping boom with a maximum length of 126 feet. This crane has the same features as the RT555 including the suspension, outriggers, and power steering. Key features include:

Low cost of operations
Economically priced
Easy transportation
Multi-position outriggers
Joystick controls

View Our Terex Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough Terrain Cranes are an excellent choice when you have a work site with uneven, small, or rough ground. While we feature these Terex rough terrain cranes, we carry their whole line of excellent machinery including All Terrain, Telescopic Truck, Boom Trucks, Tower Crane, Crawler Cranes and more.

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