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Section 179 2018 Blog

Save With 100% Bonus Depreciation and Section 179 Expensing


As we move towards year-end, companies are looking for ways to reduce their income tax liability.  One way is to simply purchase gear and place it into service before year-end. Should I choose a bonus...

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IMG 0571

Bigge’s Manitowoc 16000 and Liebherr LR1300SX Tandem-Lift and Set a Bridge in Shady Point, Oklahoma

A Manitowoc 16000 (440 Ton Capacity) is currently on-site at Shady Point, Oklahoma to assist in the construction of a replacement bridge. This Manitowoc crawler crane is owned by Bigge and is currently configured with 197 feet of main boom and will be joined by a Liebherr...

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Every Great Performing Crane Has an Experienced Maintenance Team Behind It

At Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. Safety is our number one core value and the most practiced by our crane maintenance team. We believe that a properly maintained and serviced piece of equipment saves customers time, money, and most importantly, keeps everyone safe since...

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Th Kobelco Barge

Power Engineering Purchases Kobelco CK1100G-2 from Bigge

In May of 2018, Power Engineering Construction Co., a San Francisco Bay Area company, purchased a Kobelco CK1100G-2 from Bigge. Choosing the right crane for this barge job was not an easy task. Charlie Miller explains why this Kobelco was the right choice for this job. Some...

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LTM 1400 Job

Adobe Cooling Towers are Set by Bigge’s New Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

Toward the end of the July 4th weekend in 2018, Bigge replaced a total of three bank cooling towers on top of the Adobe Tower in San Jose, California. After careful evaluation and project coordination with the City of San Jose, the FAA, Traffic Control and Adobe Systems it...

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Bigge Uses Enerpac Strand Jacks to Lift Pier Bridge Tables

In April of 2018, Bigge provided equipment and technical support for the Gerald Desmond Replacement Bridge Project in Long Beach, CA.  Four Enerpac HSL50006 strand jacks with 48 strands each were able to lift 1.35-million-pound pier tables for each of the two towers on both...

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Insta Corpus Christi1

Largest Bridge Construction in US - Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge

Located between Corpus Christi and Rincon Point Texas is the Harbor Bridge on US Highway 181, spanning across one of the busiest seaports in the U.S. Construction of the new bridge, to replace the original built over 55 years ago, began in 2016. It is considered to be the...

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Th 2018 04 Chase

Bigge Cranes Operate at Warriors Chase Center in San Francisco

Hard at work on the waterfront of San Francisco Bay, Bigge’s cranes are in service during the construction of the Chase Center, a multi-purpose arena, and future home of the Golden State Warriors. This landmark project represents the latest facet of development occurring in...

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Moscone Aerial 01

Bigge Lifts Aerial Bridges at Moscone Center

The Moscone Center, San Francisco’s premier convention and exhibition complex is undergoing a major expansion that will add over 300,000 square feet of exhibition space, meeting rooms, ballroom, and support areas. Bigge was hired to perform the lift and set of a steel spine...

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Dublin Storm Water Vault 01

Storm Water Detention Tanks Installed by Bigge’s Liebherr LTM1220

At the heart of a new development arising in Dublin, California, is the construction of an elementary school. During the month of February, Bigge's Liebherr LTM1220 All Terrain, a 265-ton capacity crane was used to set storm water vaults at the Dublin E5 Elementary School.... Read More

Canyon Bridge %287%29

Temporary Canyon Road Bridge is Placed by Two Bigge Cranes

Old Canyon Road Bridge was originally built in 1936 in the historic Town of Moraga, California. The bridge spans over the West Branch of San Leandro Creek (also called Moraga Creek), just south of Constance Place, and north of the Contra Costa County line. The original...

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Bigge Lifts Bridge Folsom CA %282%29

Bigge Lifts and Sets Bridge in Folsom, CA

In December 2017, Bigge lifted and set a bridge to support a 24” diameter sewer pipeline in Folsom, California. At a length of 230’, and weighing 136,500 pounds, the steel structure is part of the expansion of this city in the foothills of Northern California. A Terex AC500...

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2008 Terex Rt780 5

The Terex RT780- An 80 Ton Crane for the Modern Jobsite

The construction industry is always in need of good quality cranes.  The Terex RT780 is the perfect 80 ton crane for this thriving industry because of its power, maneuverability, and ease of use.

The boom of the RT780 has four full powered sections that extend to a maximum...

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2008 Terex Rt555 1 1

The Terex RT555- An Industry Standard for Good Reason

When it comes to rough terrain cranes, the Terex brand is regarded as an industry leader. Their RT555 series is one of the leading 55 ton cranes on the market in its year.  The 2008 model available at Bigge Crane & Rigging Co. is a great rough terrain crane to have on a...

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2006 Tadano Tr300xl %2810%29

The Tadano TR300XL- A Rugged, Dependable, and Versatile 30 Ton Crane

A rough terrain crane is ideal for adverse working conditions. The Tadano TR300XL rough terrain crane is one of the best 30 ton cranes when you need a rugged, dependable, and versatile crane.

The outrigger system of the TR300XL is made up of four independently controlled...

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2009 Grove Rt9130e %2812%29 %28large%29

The Grove RT9130E- Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Costs

The Grove RT9130E is one of Manitowoc’s premiere rough terrain cranes. This 130-ton powerhouse is outfitted with the industry’s best features to increase power and efficiency while reducing cost.

Many Grove rough terrains, including the RT9130E utilize MEGAFORM’s U shaped...

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2006 Lr1400 %289%29

The Liebherr LR 1400/2- Made for Power and Safety

Liebherr crawler cranes are known for their dependability, innovation, and productivity. The Liebherr LR 1400/2 is no different. This 440-ton crawler crane is the perfect addition for jobsites with big demands.

The LR 1400/2 is powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine. This...

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Tadano Atf 220g 5 1

The Tadano ATF220 G-5- An Adaptable All-Terrain Crane

All terrain cranes are always in demand because of their adaptability and strength. Tadano’s ATF220 G-5 is an all-terrain crane that is a serious contender for the best in the business. This 250-ton crane is a good choice for a crane fleet because of its adaptability,...

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Tadano Gr 800xl

Tadano’s GR800XL Provides Power Without Compromising Adaptability

Tadano rough terrain cranes have long been regarded in the crane industry as some of the best in the business. The 80-ton Tadano GR800XL is no different. This rough terrain crane is perfect for many jobsites because of its power, adaptability, and quality of life features.... Read More

2006 Link Belt Rtc80100 %281%29

The Link-Belt RTC80100- Saving Time and Money

Having a crane on a jobsite that can do many tasks can save time and money. The Link-Belt RTC-80100 is a 100-ton rough terrain crane that is known for its multiple applications ,durability, versatility, and power.

The 5-section boom of the RTC-80100 extends from 40’ to...

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Harbor Bridge Project

Bigge Machinery Shines on the Largest Bridge Project in the United States

Located between Corpus Christi and Rincon Point is the Harbor Bridge on US Highway 181. It has been over 55 years since the Harbor Bridge was completed in 1959 and it is considered to be the site of the biggest construction bridge project in the United States. The current...

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2013 Grove Rt890e %284%29 %28medium%29

Grove R890E- An Efficient 90-Ton Crane

The construction industry is becoming more streamlined and efficient every day. Every aspect of the industry, including the cranes we use, is being upgraded to complete jobs with more efficiency and safety than ever before. The RT890E, the 90-ton crane from Grove is no...

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2007 Grove Rt875e 5

The Grove RT875E- A Rough Terrain Crane for the Modern Jobsite

The Grove RT875E is a rough terrain crane for the modern jobsite. When crafting the RT875E, the Grove team focused on creating a strong and reliable boom, a comfortable cab, and an overall powerful crane.

The 128-foot boom is a four sectioned fully powered boom. A U shaped...

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2010 Grove Rt880e Rs8094 %281%29

The Grove RT880E- An 80-Ton Rough Terrain Crane Built for Power

It is a great time to be in the construction industry. Crane companies try to optimize their fleet by making stronger, and safer use of their cranes which simultaneously allows them to reduce costs and increase safety on jobsites. The Grove RT880E is Manitowoc’s go to...

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Grove RT540E

The Grove RT540E- A Reliable 40-Ton Rough Terrain

The Grove RT540E is one of Manitowoc’s reliable 40-ton rough terrain crane. The Grove team focused on giving the RT540E some the industry’s best features, making it a terrific choice for any rough terrain job. This crane is a step above similar models because of its power,...

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Grove RT600E

Grove RT600E- Adaptable, Powerful, Efficient

 When looking for a dependable machine many crane owners will purchase a Grove crane.  Here at Bigge, we offer a selection of quality used cranes that can fit a wide variety of budgets. The Grove RT600E, is the perfect 50-ton rough terrain crane for many jobsites known for...

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Bigge Employees Volunteer at the Alameda County Food Bank

The Bigge team recently enlisted 14 volunteers, a combined group of employees and family members, to work a shift at the Alameda County Food Bank. Our task was bagging several types of produce to be distributed among the community. After three hours of service, and with the...

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Blue Electric Train

TEXRail Project Aided by Bigge’s Fleet

The TEXRail Project is a new 27.7 mile commuter rail line that is expected to expand the public transportation options available from downtown Fort Worth, northeast through North Richland Hills to downtown Grapevine, and then into DFW International Airport. During...

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Igot85a Working 3 Adj

Potain Igo T 85A self-erecting tower crane – perfect solution for confined job sites

The tower crane landscape has been revolutionized by the invention of the compact self-erecting tower crane. While traditional tower cranes are ideal for some job sites, they take a lot of space to set up and require assist cranes and large setup crews. Busy streets and...

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Soc Inst Section 179

Save Up to $510,000 on Your Crane Purchase with Section 179

This year, 2017 marks the third year that Section 179 is in full effect for business equipment purchases.  Section 179 is part of an act called the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATH Act)  that was passed in December of 2015.

What does this mean for crane...

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Broderson Halloween 2017 02

The Broderson RT400 vs. The Pettibone 40RSC Crane: A Side by Side Comparison

Over the last year, there have been many mixed views on the discontinuation of the Pettibone model 40RSC. Many equipment owners and buyers have been looking for a new model that has the same features but have not been as successful pinpointing the right one. If you are...

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MX SalesStory 2

Vintage American 8460 Truck Crane Sold to International Group

One of Bigge’s oldest truck cranes, the American 8460 located in La Mirada, California, was recently sold to a crane operations company in Tijuana, Mexico. The truck crane was part of the Bigge fleet for over 25 years and had been part of many heavy lift and construction...

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Ph Enerpac IMG 3437

Enerpac Equipment Crucial in Transport of Combined Cycle Power Plant Components

Bigge has been on a four-month project transporting steam turbines, combustion gear, and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) for a new combined cycle power plant being built in Western Pennsylvania. The new plant, located in Westmoreland County, is destined to have a...

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Ph Flood 1

Bigge Family Unites in the Face of Natural Disaster

August of 2017 will always be remembered by Texans as the month a category 4 hurricane hit the Gulf Coast and forever changed the community and environment. Tropical Storm Harvey hit Corpus Christi on August 26 and lingered for a total of 117 hours of rainfall. During this...

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King Fisher County Wind %281%29

Bigge Transports Wind Farm Components in Oklahoma

In March of 2017, Bigge was contracted for a large project involving over-the-road transport of 95 wind turbine nacelles from the Port of Houston to a wind farm in Oklahoma. Nacelles, the large structures at the top of a wind turbine tower, house key components including...

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Bigges MLC650

Bigge Attends Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy Summit

This week, two representatives from our Major Projects team are attending the 2017 Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy Summit. This year’s Summit is being held at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina and will be addressing the “complex economic,...

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Transbay Towers 1

Bigge’s Tower Cranes Aid in the Construction of the Transbay Transit Center

Bigge has provided a pair of tower cranes for the construction of the one million square-foot Transbay Transit Center in downtown San Francisco, California. As the largest approved public transportation project in the country, this $2.26 billion program will replace the...

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Coastal Clean Up 1

Bigge Employees Participate in California Coastal Clean Up Day

On Saturday, September 16th, Bigge employees joined California’s largest annual volunteer event, the California Coastal Cleanup Day, which takes place on the third Saturday of each September all along the California coast. The group met at the south parking lot of the San...

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Distracted Driving Can Cost You Dearly

As the latest smartphones hit the market, a multitude of functions and features open the door for misuse by their owners, including distracted driving. Per David Greenfield, author of Virtual Addiction, 12% of Americans have chronic addictions to their cell phones - that’s...

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150Van Ness Tower

Bigge Provides Equipment for New Construction In San Francisco, California

Bigge has provided Tower and Hoist equipment for use on an apartment complex being built near the San Francisco Civic Center. The 419-unit complex will include 9,000 square feet of retail space and one below-grade parking level. We have installed a Dual Car Alimak Scando...

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Tri Dam IMG 1974

Bigge’s Expertise Comes Through for Tuolumne County Tri-Dam Bridge Repairs

The Tri-Dam Project is a partnership between two Northern California irrigation districts, operators of the Beardsley Dam. Located on the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River in Tuolumne County, California, sections of a bridge over a spillway had previously been removed by...

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Bigge Helps Build New Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas

Bigge currently has four tower cranes working at the site of what is to become the new Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. The Dickies arena is currently being rebuilt in its original location and is part of Will Rogers Memorial Center which was established in 1936. The...

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Bigge Steps Up for San Leandro’s New Shoes for School Drive

The Bigge Team partnered with the San Leandro Education Foundation (SLED) and Vice Mayor Lee Thomas, in donating 91 pairs of shoes and 23 packages of socks for the 3rd Annual New Shoes for School Drive. The New Shoes for School Drive sought to cover 210 students who needed...

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Bigge Donates to the San Leandro Police K-9 Association

On Friday, August 4th, the San Leandro Police Department hosted 27 teams for their K-9 Trials held at San Leandro High School. Friday’s activities focused on the narcotic detection phase of the competition. Teams traveled from as far as Truckee, Placer County, and San...

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Bigge Builds Chemical Plant

Bigge Cranes Help Build Chemical Plant

This year, Bigge has been aiding in the construction of a chemical plant in Channel View, Texas. Bigge currently has a Terex HC275 Crawler Crane, two Mantis 9010 tele-crawlers, four Tadano GR1000XXL’s and a Terex RT555 Rough Terrain Crane. The cranes will be on rent for six...

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Bigge   Kobelco %281%29 %28Large%29

Bigge’s Kobelco CK1600G Works on Liquefied Natural Gas Pretreatment Facility

Bigge’s Kobelco CK1600G is currently working on a multi-billion dollar Liquefied Natural Gas Pretreatment facility spanning 12 acres in Freeport, Texas. The 160 ton capacity Crawler crane is on the job for 12 months and is currently erecting steel components that weigh up...

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Bigge Lifts Cooling Towers in Downtown SF

Prominent on the San Francisco skyline, Landmark Tower at One Maritime Plaza is a 26-story building that houses commercial office space, parking, gardens, and pedestrian sky bridges. Bigge was called upon by a Bay Area HVAC specialist to lift and set 2 new cooling towers...

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EQT Sales World Map

Bigge’s Sales Coverage Spans the Globe

For over 20 years, Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. has been a leading provider of new and used cranes for businesses in over 40 countries worldwide.  Canada, México, South Africa, Argentina and Nigeria are just a few countries where we have developed partnerships and supplied...

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ADI 110 Ton 3 Large

Bigge Aids in the Completion of Luxury Homes Development In Laguna Beach

Bigge rented cranes to assist in completing foundation work for the development of an exclusive gated community of approximately 500 homes in Laguna Beach, CA.

From our fleet, a Grove TMS 9000E 110 ton Hydraulic Truck Crane, and a Terex RT230 30 ton Rough Terrain Crane...

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F90 Shimmick %282%29 %28Large%29

Bigge Uses High Capacity Telescopic Forklifts to Service a Public Utility

A contractor performing work for a public utility in Orange County, CA, recently rented one of Bigge’s Xtreme XR2450 high capacity Telescopic Reach Forklifts. After a dry run with a 10,000 pound test weight, this reachfork was used to lift and set hydraulic power units in a...

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BREAKBULK Water Video Graphic

Bigge Enters Breakbulk Americas 2017 Video Contest

Breakbulk Americas is currently hosting a video competition amongst various companies on their website under the theme "Water, Water, Everywhere". The purpose of the competition is to present some of the most fascinating jobs in North America that involved a large body of...

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Bigge Donates Bicycles to Local Bay Area School

On the month of June 2017, Bigge partnered with the San Leandro Education Fund to donate twelve bicycles and helmets to students at a local Bay Area school. The bikes were assembled as part of a team building event during our Annual Sales Meeting. The event tied in our core...

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Bigge Lifts For Bay Area School

Bigge Lifts for School in Bay Area

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. recently performed work at a school in the Bay Area. Utilizing a Liebherr LTM1220 265-ton capacity All Terrain crane, Bigge lifted 28 modules weighing up to 38,000 lbs. Using special rigging to accommodate the structures, Bigge was able to work...

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Bigge Lifts Water Tower

Bigge Helps Replace Water Tank in Stockton, CA

Bigge’s Link-Belt 278H and Grove GMK6350 were recently rented to perform the replacement of a water tower tank. The bottom half of the tank weighed 110,000 pounds, had a diameter of 51 feet, and was lifted from 90 feet high. The most difficult part about the lift was...

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Inst ACT 2017

Bigge Moves Up in The ACT 100 this 2017

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. is proud to announce that we are ranked number four among North America's top crane-owning companies by American Cranes and Transport Magazine. Since last year, Bigge has moved up one position on the list, keeping us within the top five crane...

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IMG 0910

Bigge Assists in Expansion of Los Angeles Metro Rail System

In May of 2017, Bigge was hired to execute the lift and haul of components used in the completion of a new rail extension, part of an overall expansion of the Los Angeles County Metro System (LA Metro). A Tunnel Boring Machine, consisting of a cutterhead and heavy shield...

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Tall Ship 31 03 2017 2113

Historic Tall Ship Launched by Bigge Crew

In April, Bigge engineered and conducted the transport and launch of a historic tall ship into the waters of San Francisco bay from the shores of Sausalito, CA. Named after a prominent shipbuilder and designer, the Matthew Turner is a wooden brigantine schooner built by...

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Bigge Performs Tilt Up in Fairfield, CA

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. recently performed a tilt-up in Fairfield, CA. A tilt-up occurs when a building’s walls are poured directly into tilt-up panels at the jobsite. Once cured, the panels are raised into position around the building’s perimeter. Due to weight of the...

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Mare Island Norcal

Bigge Lifts a Turbine Case at Historical Mare Island

In April, Bigge recently utilized its Demag AC500, a 600-ton capacity All Terrain crane, to hoist half of a turbine case on Mare Island in Vallejo, CA. In the 19th Century Mare Island was widely used by the Navy and referred to as the “Mare Island Naval Shipyard”. During...

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Greensville 2

Bigge Completes A Transload and Over Road Transport in Virginia

Bigge Projects is completing a transload and over the road transport project in Virginia.  The original scope of work was the handling of 45 Heat Recovery Steam Generator modules, three HP Steam Drums, and a Steam Generator for GE.

Shortly after contract award, GE awarded...

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Bigge Provides Full Turn-Key Service for Tower Cranes in Downtown Los Angeles

Bigge is doing a full-turn key project in downtown Los Angeles, California. Three Peiner SK 415s and four Alimak Scando 650 Hoists will be erected, dismantled and operated by Bigge for the new $500 Million mixed-use development named the Circa. The Circa, across the street...

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20170201 091716

Bigge Helps Build New Airport Terminal in New Orleans

For the last five months, Bigge has out on rent a Liebherr LR1160 crawler crane and a Grove RT880E rough terrain crane to LPR Construction for the building of a new terminal at New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner, Louisiana.

The new 972,000-foot...

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Bigge At Conexpo 2017

Bigge Places Big Order With Terex At ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017

Bigge is proud to expand its sales inventory and rental fleet with an order of 27 cranes with Terex. This purchase will help further support our expanding rental fleet and largest new and quality used crane sales inventory our customers have come to expect. 

From Terex:

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Queen Mary

Bigge Provides Support During Queen Mary Renovations

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. currently has five cranes aiding in the renovations to the historic Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach, California.  According to Taylor Woods, a principal at Urban Commons (the current lease holder) they are looking to create “the cruise ship...

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OrvilleDam LR1300

Bigge is a First Responder During Oroville Dam Crisis

After the evacuations at Oroville Dam,  Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. was a first responder to this state of emergency in Northern California. In order to quickly respond to the emergency, the Bigge Project Manager, Operations Team, and Trucking Superintendent expedited the...

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Kobelco Preso ConExpo 2017 11

Bigge Becomes Owner of Over 100 Kobelco Cranes at ConExpo-Con/Agg

On March 9, 2017 at ConExpo-Con/Agg, the Bigge and Kobelco leadership teams met to finalize the purchase of 14 new Kobelco cranes and to celebrate a unique crane industry occasion- Bigge’s  successful acquisition of over 100 Kobelco’s since the founding of their business...

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Liebherr Preso ConExpo 2017 10

Liebherr Celebrates Long Time Customer, Bigge, at ConExpo-Con/Agg

This year at ConExpo-Con/Agg, Liebherr and Bigge Crane and Rigging's leadership gathered during an equipment hand off ceremony to celebrate their long-time partnership and collaborative work in designing cranes. Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. has purchased over 100 pieces of...

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WW 3

Bigge Sets Façade Panels In San Francisco

Bigge recently rented a crane to Walters and Wolf for a new building, The Exchange, in San Francisco. Walters and Wolf has worked with us before, and keeps working with Bigge because of our high safety ratings and specialized equipment. A Liebherr LR1300SX was instrumental...

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Alimak Bigge Team ConExpo 2017 01 %281%29

Bigge Celebrates Alimak Milestone at ConExpo-Con/Agg

During the week of ConExpo-Con/Agg, Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. and Alimak Hek celebrated their long-time partnership and continued business growth. As of ConExpo 2017 Bigge now officially owns over 200 hoists in its construction elevator rental fleet. 

The Alimak...

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Terex Preso ConExpo 2017 03

Bigge Purchases a Big Volume of Terex Cranes at ConExpo-Con/Agg

On Wednesday, March 9,2017, Terex and Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. celebrated the acquisition of 33 new Terex cranes for the year. The purchase of these cranes includes rough terrain cranes and Terex Demags. This acquisition marks one of many milestones in the Terex and...

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Manitowoc Celebration ConExpo 2017 06

Bigge Purchases Manitowoc MLC650 and Potain MDT219 at ConExpo-Con/Agg

Leadership from Manitowoc and Potain at this year’s ConExpoCon-Agg exhibition recognized Bigge Crane for its continuous support and harmonious partnership over the last several years. During this ceremony, Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. announced that they had made their third...

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Tadano ConExpo 2017 Presentation 02 Branded

Bigge Buys a Dozen New Tadanos at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017

On March 7,2017 at ConExpo-Con/Agg, Bigge purchased 12 new Tadano GR-1200XL Rough Terrain cranes. During a “key ceremony” hosted by Tadano, Bigge took ownership of these 120 US ton capacity cranes. The Tadano GR-1200XL was designed with industrial energy sites in mind.The...

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Bigge Hospitality ConExpo 2017 05

Visit Bigge’s Featured Equipment at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017

ConExpo-Con Agg is the biggest manufacturer machinery trade show in North America. Per tradition, Bigge has sent over 40 of it’s leading crane, rigging, and specialized transport experts to meet with ConExpo attendees and speak to them about the latest and greatest in...

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Bigge Representatives to Attend ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. is sending over 40 of it’s leading crane, rigging and special projects experts to ConExpo-Con/Agg this March 2017. The representatives cover a wide range of niches from heavy lift equipment to heavy lift engineered transport, and will be meeting...

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ConExpo-Con/Agg a Bigge Tradition Since 1928

The beginning of the 20th century was full of discoveries and innovation in the industrial, structural, and heavy machinery markets. During this time, the US population expanded in cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. With the completion of the Empire State...

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AdobeStock Downtown LA

Bigge Contributes to the Construction of the Wilshire Grand in Los Angeles

Since 1952, the location of the new Wilshire Grand Center has played an important role to the business, tourist and local communities in Downtown Los Angeles. This site at theintersection of Wilshire and Figueroa was home to ever-changing hotel owners, including the Omni,...

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Inst Pinole Tiltup

Bigge Performs Multi Crane Tilt Up at Pinole Point, CA With Tandem Lift

In Richmond, CA, Bigge recently performed a tilt up at Pinole Point. Bigge had three concrete panels which required a tandem lift using two cranes. Utilizing a Liebherr LTM1220 5.2 All Terrain crane with 100’ of boom and a Link-Belt HC-268 Lattice Boom Truck Crane with 105’...

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Toys For Tots 2

Bigge Gives Big This 2016 Holiday Season

The 2016 holiday season brought the spirit of giving to the team at Bigge Crane.  We are proud to announce that our teams participated in variety of ways by contributing to charities in their local communities.The 2nd Annual Bigge Food Drive took place from November 15...

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Twt Latin America

Crane Sales to Latin America Bounce Back

The year 2016 proved to be a fruitful one for Latin America. According to Construcción Latinoamericana some of the countries currently seeing the most activity are Ecuador, Bolivia, México, El Salvador and Argentina. Demand for cranes from these countries has also picked...

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IMG 1600

Bigge Lifts Beardley Spillway Bridge

Bigge recently perfomed an emergency job for the Oakdale and South San Joaquin Irrigation District, lifting out the Beardsley Spillway Bridge.


Due to recent heavy rainfall, the water flow from the Friant Dam was greater than normal, potentially washing out the Beardley...

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San Francisco Doyle Drive Project

In 2016, Bigge worked on the Presidio Parkway restoration project in San Francisco, CA. Our crawler cranes, the Manitowoc 2250 and Liebherr LR1200SX, were used to remove girders and to prep an area for demolition. The Bigge team overcame many challenges during this project,...

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Giving Back 2

One Bigge Green and One Bigge Giving Committees

The One Bigge Green and One Bigge Giving teams partnered to host a can drive in which the proceeds were used to purchase school supplies for a local school. With the assistance of the San Leandro Education Foundation, much needed school supplies, including 100 backpacks...

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Chabot Dam 1

Chabot Dam Seismic Upgrade

Recently, the Bigge team participated in a portion of the seismic upgrade process for the Chabot Dam in San Leandro, CA. The cranes used onsite were a Kobelco CK2750G and a Terex RT780, which were used to test and prep the ground at the Chabot Dam. A 6 Line Goldhofer PST...

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WA Banner

Bigge Lifts in Seattle, WA

n August of 2016, Bigge provided an operated & maintained Grove RT880E Rough Terrain crane for new construction in downtown Seattle, Washington. Lifting steel beams, wood, compressors and generators, Bigge was able to execute a plan in extremely limited space.



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Seeing The Big Picture

Seeing the Big Picture

As a young man, I tried on many hats when it came to working before becoming a Safety Professional. Granted all of these positions were entry level, but boy did I learn a lot. The old saying “hindsight is 20/20” is true, we learn from our experiences. Back then I was eager...

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Bigge around the world

Bill Finerty has worked for Bigge for 16 years. His job is to travel around the world and assemble cranes that Bigge sells.

Bill recently traveled to a gold mine in Burkina Faso, Africa. While on-site, he met workers who were digging holes with their hands down to 100...

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IMG 2053 Medium

Bigge Attends Breakbulk Americas 2016 and Receives Award

During the week of September 26th to 29th the Bigge team attended Breakbulk Americas 2016. Breakbulk Americas is the largest exhibition of its kind in the Americas, bringing top-tier shippers together with breakbulk and cargo service providers. The tradeshow aims to bring...

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Bigge’s New Prime Mover Tractors and Trailer Outrigger System Expands Transport Capabilities

In July 2016, Bigge completed transport projects for new combined-cycle power plants in both Wharton and Granbury, Texas. Bigge transported combustion and generator steam turbines for both plants. Over a seven month span, we successfully delivered sixteen superloads to the...

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Cyclotron 1

Bigge Helps Advance Cancer Treatment in Miami

Bigge Projects completed a transport and heavy lift project in a new industry segment, Proton Therapy Centers for cancer treatment. Bigge was contracted to transport the two halves of the Cyclotron from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale to the Miami Cancer Institute, to...

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Inst ACT2

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. Ranks #2 on ACT Tower Crane 50 List

Bigge is proud to be ranked number two on the ACT Tower Crane 50 list for this year, 2016. With over 100 years of service, Bigge aspires to continue growing the Tower Crane sector of the company and the working relationships we have in the building of North America. The...

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Enerpac Off Logo V2

Bigge Partners with Enerpac to Become an Official Integrated Solutions Dealer

Bigge Partners with Enerpac to Become an Official Integrated Solutions Dealer

Bigge is now an official Enerpac Integrated Solutions Dealer. We are proud to now carry their full line-up including Jack-Up Systems, SyncLifts, Strand Jacks, SyncHoist and other heavy lift...

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Bigge Logo

Bigge Celebrated in Special ACT Section

Bigge was featured in AC&T's September 2016 Issue detailing the first 100 years of our history.

From humble beginnings as a small trucking company hauling cargo from docks and railroad depots in San Francisco's Easy Bay region to a global super power in the crane rental,...

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Towers Westfield Expansion

2 Tower Cranes in San Diego

Bigge recently erected our second tower crane at the Westfield Mall expansion in San Diego.

The first crane is a Comedil 561 and was installed in March. This crane is configured with a 230 ft. jib and a HUH (height under hook) of 135 ft. The estimated operated and...

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Tower 02

Being Safe!

If you want to be safe at work, home, and play, you need to demonstrate certain characteristics that are visible by others. When someone claims that you are a safe person, they have observed something about you that resonates with being safe. Someone who is safe can be...

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Inst ACT5

Bigge Crane and Rigging Company Ranks #5 in the ACT 100

Bigge Crane is happy to be part of one of the top 5 crane-owning companies in North America. With over 100 years in service, Bigge Crane owns one of the largest crane fleets in North America. This year, Bigge has moved up a total of two spots claiming the fifth position on...

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Bigge Executes New eBART Transportation and Lift

On the week of June 13, 2016 the Bigge team transported and lifted the new East Contra Costa County Bart extension DMU trains onto their rails. The independently propelled railcars, known as Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs), were shipped from Stadler Switzerland to Port Hueneme...

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Multiple Tower Cranes on Clearfork Project

The Shops at Clearfork have six tower cranes (five Peiner SK 415s, one Comansa 21 LC 550). The project was a yearlong tower crane rental.

The Shops at Clearfork is located in Fort Worth, TX, on the south side of the Trinity River. This location was ideal due to the...

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One Bigge News 2016 05 V11 Print

Bigge Lifts Glass

Rentals in La Mirada has been working steadily at our job site, Columbia Square in Hollywood, CA. Work began with a Bigge tower crane in 2014, and now in April 2016, the job currently runs a Tadano 160GS, a 200 ton all terrain crane, hanging glass frames. The building...

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Bigge Bauma

Bigge Receives Numerous Awards for Milestones at Bauma 2016

Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. was pleased to be recognized by six manufacturers in our centennial year.


In honor of Bigge’s Centennial Year, Liebherr spoke about our trusted and long-standing partnership at a presentation with Weston Settlemier, Bigge President...

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Ph Terex RT Bauma

Bigge Buys BIG at Bauma 2016

Following our 2015 Terex Service Award and Centennial Recognition Ceremony, Bigge purchased 12 new Terex RT90’s. The newly designed Rough Terrain features a capacity of 90 US tons and 154 feet of main boom. This versatile crane’s IC-1 control system delivers cutting edge...

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