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Bigge Completes A Transload and Over Road Transport in Virginia

Apr 21 2017

Bigge Projects is completing a transload and over the road transport project in Virginia.  The original scope of work was the handling of 45 Heat Recovery Steam Generator modules, three HP Steam Drums, and a Steam Generator for GE.

Shortly after contract award, GE awarded the additional handling of the HP Turbine and IP Turbine.The scope of work consists of removing the shipping restraints from the railcar, using a 900 ton capacity Enerpac SBL900 four-leg hydraulic gantry to lift the component from the railcar, moving the empty railcar, pulling the 16 line Goldhofer THP trailer underneath the lifted component, setting the component to the trailer, securing the component, and transporting the component over 13 miles of Virginia’s state roads to the new Power Station.  Additionally, the empty railcars are then cleaned of any remaining shipping restraint materials.

Due to the superb early performance of the Bigge crew in handling the GE components, the general contractor, decided to pull a large additional scope of work away from another heavy haul company and award this work to Bigge.  This work includes the handling and hauling of three Gas Turbines, three Gas Turbine Generators, four 275 MVA Transformers, and four 450 MVA transformers.


Challenges on the project include the crossing of two bridges that required the use of Bigge’s hinged outriggers with dollies and the restriction of only being allowed to haul the components at night.  The HRSGs and other relatively light components are hauled two per night of separate trailers, and the larger/heavier loads are hauled one per night.  The larger loads require the temporary matting of one of the bridges and the support of utility crews from five different companies to temporarily raise the overhead lines. The total number of components for both clients is now up to 65, of which 50 have been hauled to date. The project started in late November 2016 and is now scheduled to finish in the middle of July 2017.

A special thank you for the hard work, safe execution and professionalism of the teamsters, ironworkers, operating engineers, engineers, and support personnel that have made this project successful. If you are interested in learning more about our project services visit our website to inquire more information. 

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