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Grove RT600E- Adaptable, Powerful, Efficient

Dec 4 2017

 When looking for a dependable machine many crane owners will purchase a Grove crane.  Here at Bigge, we offer a selection of quality used cranes that can fit a wide variety of budgets. The Grove RT600E, is the perfect 50-ton rough terrain crane for many jobsites known for its adaptability, cost saving features, and power.

The RT600E has a 4 section fully powered boom that can extend from 33 feet to 105 feet. A lattice swingaway extension that is stored alongside the base of the boom increases the maximum tip height to 162 feet. The four telescoping outrigger beams has an outrigger spread of 22.6 inches, making the RT600E a contender in tight jobsites. The wide range of lift heights and the tight outrigger spread makes the RT600E fit for many jobs.

A Cummins 6 cylinder, water cooled, turbocharged diesel engine powers the RT600E. It has a maximum torque of 516 foot pounds at 1500 RPM. The RT600E has a full powershift transmission with 6 forward and three reverse speeds. Cranes with similar levels of power often cost a lot to ship because of their weight, however the RT600E has a gross vehicle weight of just 75,301 pounds which, limits shipping costs and keeps overall  project costs low.

To wrap up, lets discuss why the RT600E may be the best crane for your job:

  • Tight outrigger spread to fit in small job sites
  • 162-foot maximum hook height
  • Gross Vehicle Weight of 75,301 pounds to limit shipping costs

Learn more about the Grove RT600E rough terrain crane by watching our video below.



If you are ready to rent or purchase a Grove RT600E please submit your inquiry on our site.

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