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The Grove RT540E- A Reliable 40-Ton Rough Terrain

Dec 4 2017

The Grove RT540E is one of Manitowoc’s reliable 40-ton rough terrain crane. The Grove team focused on giving the RT540E some the industry’s best features, making it a terrific choice for any rough terrain job. This crane is a step above similar models because of its power, adaptability, and reliability.

The body of the RT540E reflects Grove’s dedication to consistently creating a strong and  dependable machine. The chassis frame is made of high strength low alloy steel. Four double box beam outriggers extend in a single stage and have a maximum pad load of 58,000 pounds.

Providing the lifting power of the RT540E is the 4 section fully powered boom. This boom is super lightweight because of the 100 kilopound per square inch steel used in its construction. The boom has a maximum height of 102 feet, and an offsettable swing-away extension increases the maximum tip height to 154 feet. The Cummins QSB 6.7-liter diesel engine allows for a maximum torque of 540 foot pounds at 1500 RPM.

Grove’s RT540E could be the perfect crane for your jobsite because of its:

  • High strength low alloy steel frame construction
  • Maximum pad load of 58,000 pounds
  • Boom made up of 100 kilopound per square inch steel
  • Maximum tip height of 154 feet

Learn more about the Grove RT540E rough terrain crane by watching our video below

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