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The Grove RT9130E- Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Costs

Jan 4 2018

The Grove RT9130E is one of Manitowoc’s premiere rough terrain cranes. This 130-ton powerhouse is outfitted with the industry’s best features to increase power and efficiency while reducing cost.

Many Grove rough terrains, including the RT9130E utilize MEGAFORM’s U shaped boom design. This design eliminates the need for stiffeners, reducing weight, and allowing for an increased carrying capacity. The RT9130E’s 5 section boom has a maximum length of 160 feet, but an offsettable swingaway jib gives the RT9130E a maximum tip height of 279 feet. The outrigger system is made up of four hydraulic single stage double box beam outriggers with inverted jacks and integral holding valves. These outriggers can easily be removed for transportation which eliminate 19,000 pounds of weight making the crane easier to ship.

The cab of the RT9130E has extra wide windows and can tilt up to 20 degrees to see even more of the jobsite. The interior of the cab is equipped with suspension seating and ergonomically placed controls. A comfortable work environment means less fatigue and more efficient operators. Powering the RT9130E is a Cummins 320HP diesel engine with a powershift transmission, 4-wheel drive, and 4-wheel steer.

The RT9130E is an excellent crane because of its:

               279-foot maximum tip height

                320HP Cummins engine

               4-wheel drive and steer

Learn more about the Grove RT9130E rough terrain crane by watching our video below.



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