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The Tadano ATF220 G-5- An Adaptable All-Terrain Crane

Jan 4 2018

All terrain cranes are always in demand because of their adaptability and strength. Tadano’s ATF220 G-5 is an all-terrain crane that is a serious contender for the best in the business. This 250-ton crane is a good choice for a crane fleet because of its adaptability, strength, and features.

The boom of the ATF220 G-5 has a maximum length of 223 feet. This seven-section boom is fully powered with one base section and six telescoping sections made of high tensile, fine grained steel. Extensions to the boom can increase the tip height to 114 feet. The four point hydraulic outriggers come with automatic length detection and the ability to control them from the cab and both sides of the superstructure. Powering the ATF220 G-5 is a Mercedes Benz 4-cylinder engine rated at 197 horsepower at 1800rpm. The cab of the ATF220 G-5 is connected to the carrier by a single row ball bearing slewing ring. Safety tinted glass, ergonomically designed controls, and an LCD graphic display are just a few of the features that the all-terrain crane offers.

The Tadano’s ATF220 G-5 is the right crane for you if you need:

               A 223-foot boom

               A 197 horsepower Mercedes Benz engine

               A 250-ton maximum capacity

Learn more about the Tadano ATF220 G-5 all-terrain crane by watching our video below.



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