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The Tadano TR300XL- A Rugged, Dependable, and Versatile 30 Ton Crane

Jan 4 2018

A rough terrain crane is ideal for adverse working conditions. The Tadano TR300XL rough terrain crane is one of the best 30 ton cranes when you need a rugged, dependable, and versatile crane.

The outrigger system of the TR300XL is made up of four independently controlled outriggers with holding valves integrated into the vertical jack cylinders. The 4-stage synchronized telescoping boom can extend from 32 to 102 feet. A double acting hydraulic cylinder allows the boom to elevate to 81 degrees. The round hexagonal box construction paired with three sheaves increase the power and durability of the TR300XL. Powering this crane is a 6 cylinder Cummins turbo charged engine. This 173 HP rated engine is water cooled and has a maximum pull of 530 foot pounds at 1500 rpms.  

The cab of the TR300XL was designed ergonomically with efficiency and comfort in mind. Self-centering finger control levers, a three-way adjustable seat, and a tilt and telescoping steering wheel are just a few of the ways that the Tadano team ensures that operators remain comfortable in their cranes.

To wrap up, the Tadano TR300XL could be the perfect crane for you if you need a crane with:

A 173HP rated engine
A boom with a maximum length of 102 feet
An ergonomically designed cab

Learn more about the Tadano TR300XL rough terrain crane by watching our video below.



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