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Vintage American 8460 Truck Crane Sold to International Group

Oct 16 2017

One of Bigge’s oldest truck cranes, the American 8460 located in La Mirada, California, was recently sold to a crane operations company in Tijuana, Mexico. The truck crane was part of the Bigge fleet for over 25 years and had been part of many heavy lift and construction projects over time. The American 8460 was originally built in the mid-1970s and has proven to last through the years.

The customer inquired about a truck crane that had a conventional lattice boom since it was looking to expand its fleet with a quality used crane. Upon receipt of their quote, representatives from the purchasing company arrived in La Mirada, California, and carefully inspected the crane to assess its condition for use. The Bigge’s sales representative said that “The sale of this crane was a collaboration amongst various branch personnel and that both the local operator and oiler went above their call of duty to make the necessary transport arrangements.” The crane is on route be delivered to the border for receipt by the purchasing company and scheduled to begin work later this year.

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