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When loads are too heavy for road or rail, Bigge's barge transport service can overcome restrictions by moving cargo over rivers, channels, seas, and even the open ocean. Bigge has the expertise and equipment to provide safe and reliable marine transportation and logistics services for all heavy cargo.

An integrated part of our world-class heavy transportation team, Bigge has provided barging operations up and down the Pacific Coast and through inland waterways across the United States. Bigge develops bespoke plans for each engagement, including the engineering, loading, and securing the cargo for shipment and delivery. Bigge's team of experts are prepared to meet the unique challenges of any project, and our 100+ years of experience and commitment to safety insure that each job is completed safely and as scheduled.

In two recent projects, Bigge transported 1100-ton bridge sections for the new San Francisco Bay Bridge from the Port of Seattle to San Francisco, as well as barged arctic rigging equipment weighing over 700 tons from Seattle to Prudoe Bay, Alaska.

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