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Bigge Brings It – 8000-tons of Cargo Moved


Bigge has successfully used our Scheuerle SPMT Platform trailers to load one of the world's largest land-based oil drilling rigs onto high-capacity barges that will deliver the rig to the North Slope of Alaska.

There are six major modules that make up the rig ranging from 700 to 1,500-tons each. There are four mast and mast assist structures, weighing from 70 to 145-tons each and an additional 21 components that range from 5 to 25-tons each. Approximately 8,000-tons of cargo was loaded onto the two high-capacity barges that are 400-feet long and 105-feet wide.

The six large modules were loaded onto 48 lines of Scheuerle SPMT Platform Trailers, which transported the loads from the staging area to the barges. The mast and mast assist structures were loaded and jacked down using dollies. The remaining components were loaded using assist cranes and forklifts.

Bigge's world-class team of project managers and engineers is one of the most experienced heavy lift rigging and transportation contractors in the country, and has extensive experience in marine and barge operations. We own and operate one of the largest hydraulic trailer fleets available and have almost no project limitations.


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