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Bigge Maintaining Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

This image was taken just after sunrise on a cool autumn morning at a wind farm in Northern California. Bigge deployed a Liebherr LR1300 crawler crane to perform turbine maintenance on 60-meter towers. The crane is rigged with 243' of main boom and 23' of wind jib.

While publicity and demand for renewable energy has increased in recent years, the reality is that commercial wind farms have been in operation for decades in California. Through the years, turbine manufacturers have developed larger and more powerful turbines, which are capable of generating greater amounts of electricity.

In turn, the cranes required to maintain these larger, taller turbines have gotten bigger as well. The 330-ton capacity, LR1300 was designed with turbine erection and maintenance in mind. Bigge has since added several Manitowoc 16000 crawlers with the heavy boom engineered for wind turbine erection, and Liebherr LR-1600 crawlers to their fleet.

In addition to our large fleet of crawler and rough terrain cranes that service the wind power market, Bigge also offers the Demag AC500 All Terrain crane to perform short-term turbine maintenance work.


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