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Bigge Masters Hood Canal Bridge Replacement

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When it comes to moving oversized and heavy loads, there is no company better than Bigge! This massive truss will replace the existing eastern half of the Hood Canal Bridge that serves as a vital economic and social link between the greater Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Our Seattle-based crew used a set of four hydraulic platform trailers to move the almost 800-ton truss from the fabrication yard to the floating barge. Hydraulic platform trailers are uniquely suited to move extremely heavy loads and have exceptional maneuverability in congested work areas.

For this move, all of the trailer axle lines were electronically linked and steered through the yard and onto the barge with a single remote control unit. The trailers were linked hydraulically in the longitudinal and transverse direction of the truss and the two self-propelled units linked electronically in the transverse direction of the truss.

The job involved weeks of engineering and planning to accommodate the move; Bigge also had to build a custom ramp system that the trailers traveled upon. The truss is now waiting on its barge until May 1st, when the bridge will be closed for six weeks while the replacement is installed.

Bigge is one of the most experienced heavy lift rigging and transportation contractors in the country, and has extensive experience in marine and barge operations. We own and operate one of the largest hydraulic trailer fleets available and have almost no project limitations.


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