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Bigge Offloads 4300-tons in Large Ship-to-Shore Operation

Ship To Shore

Because of our experience with heavy lift rigging and heavy transportation, Bigge excels in ship-to-shore operations. At this port in Northern California, we safely received more than 30 pieces of heavy machinery from a heavy lift ship totaling more than 4,300-tons.

Included in the offload were 10 330-ton Wartsilla engines, 10 86-ton generators and 10 18-ton SCR casings for a repowering project. The units were set from the ship onto a platform trailer, transported to shore, and then lifted and set in the staging area using hydraulic gantries.

We take pride in our fleet of heavy lift and heavy transportation equipment, and providing our customers with the most modern fleet in the industry. Pictured here is a Bigge prime mover hauling 14 lines of platform trailer, four sections of extended runway, 1,100-ton hydraulic gantry systems, two rough terrain reach forks, and one of our field rigging trucks.


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