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Bigge has one of the longest standing general engineering contractor’s licenses in the State of California and holds 32 patents. Our engineering staff of state licensed engineers, and experienced designers is considered among the best and most experienced in the industry.

Bigge's design, engineering and estimating departments are fully integrated into all phases of our operations. Bigge will engineer safety, economy, practicality, and simplicity into our solutions, resulting in incident and injury-free project execution under short schedules, while achieving cost targets.

Bigge is well-known for its specialized “heavy” engineering-related services. "Ask Bigge" is the response frequently heard when there is a difficult heavy rigging job or an out of the ordinary heavy transportation project. An informal consultation with Bigge is an excellent first step. Whether the job is large or small, Bigge personnel always welcome your inquiries.

Engineering Services

  • Comprehensive project analysis and pre-planning
  • Operation plans and solution development
  • Feasibility studies for transportation and heavy lift projects
  • Method analysis
  • Route surveys and permitting
  • Equipment design and fabrication
  • Equipment modification and re-engineering
  • Marine transportation

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