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Generator and Turbine Set at Colusa Power Plant

Generator And Turbine

Bigge has reached a major milestone, setting the generator and turbine at the new combined cycle power plant in Colusa, California.

The 500-ton capacity Manitowoc 2250 MAX-ER 2000 was used to hoist and set the 360,000 pound turbine and 475,000 pound generator. Both the units were 30-feet long and averaged 17-feet wide by 19-feet tall. The units recently arrived by rail and were offloaded by a gantry system onto a 14-line platform trailer that was later used to deliver the units onsite.

Bigge has extensively utilized our fleet of heavy lift cranes, gantries and transport equipment used to offload, transport, store and set the oversized components that shape the plant. Now that the turbine and generator units are set on top of the deck and the HRSG's have been erected and modules set, Bigge will remain onsite and prepare for the final heavy lifts to set the remaining transformers.

The wide variety of equipment that Bigge has onsite includes: 500-ton 2250 MAX-ER 2000 crawler, 330-ton LR1300 crawler, (2) 275-ton LR1200SX crawlers, 165-ton 8460 conventional truck, (4) 90-ton RTC8090's RTs, 35-ton TR350XL, (2) gantry systems, 14 lines Goldhofer platform trailer, prime mover, ZoomBoom material handlers, additional forklifts and specialty equipment.


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