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Goldhofer Hydraulic Platform Trailers


Bigge has the largest, most diverse, and state-of-the-art platform trailer fleets in the U.S. Bigge features both Scheuerle and Goldhofer models with both mechanical steer and electronic steer, with hundreds of lines of each type, including the newest PST/SL-E (3-meter electric steer), Dual Lane Goldhofer & Dual Lane Goldhofer/CA models. The high capacity and maneuverability of these trailers make them ideal for rough terrain transportation, barge off-loads, and work in constricted environments such as refineries.

  • Dual Lane Transporters in 16', 18' & 20' wide configurations
  • More than 500 lines available
  • Fully modular – can be assembled in multiple combinations
  • PST/SL-E (3-meter electric steer), as well as both driven and powered PST/SL (3-meter mechanical steer) available
  • Normal drive operation, transverse drive mode 90°, diagonal drive mode, and carrousel steering
  • Independent hydraulic steering for all wheels

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