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Heavy Hauling Continues for Edwardsport Power Station

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The residents of Knox County, IN have grown accustomed to Bigge's fleet of heavy haul, beam and dolly transporters, and platform trailers that have occupied the area over the last 10 months. Since June of 2009, we've been hauling over-sized components for the new Edwardsport Power Station, IGCC Project. The huge components vary in size and have required more than eight different combinations of specialty transportation equipment.

"We've completed about 75% of the 145 loads that need to be delivered to the plant," said Marc Manfredda, Project Manager for Bigge Major Projects Division. "This project is one of a kind. We make a haul about every other day that requires us to reconfigure the transportation equipment, exercise permits, and coordinate with the plant, police escorts and utility companies."


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