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Hydraulic Strand Jacks

Bigge uses strand jacks to erect bridges, offshore structures, refineries, power stations, major buildings, and other structures. When the project is suited to their use, strand jacks are a safe and inexpensive alternative to using a heavy lift crane. Also, because of their small size, strand jacks can operate in spaces cranes are not able to.

Bigge has a full line of strand jacks for use in heavy lifting operations. At their core, a strand jack is a linear winch. Cables are guided through a cylinder and anchored to the load, and a sophisticated software program is used to synchronize the load movement.

Bigge recently engineered a custom strand-jack based lifting solution for two 1,800-ton bridge sections for the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge, lifting them 200 feet to within a 1/32-inch tolerance.

  • Capacities of more than 1000-tons
  • Computer-controlled, state-of-the-art units
  • Lift speeds of up to 8-meters/hour
  • Largest and most advanced strand jack fleet in the U.S.

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