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Hydraulic Strand Jacks

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Bigge uses strand jacks to erect bridges, offshore structures, refineries, power stations, major buildings, and other structures. When the project is suited to their use, strand jacks are a safe and inexpensive alternative to using a heavy lift crane. Also, because of their small size, strand jacks can operate in spaces cranes are not able to.

Bigge has a full line of strand jacks for use in heavy lifting operations. At their core, a strand jack is a linear winch. Cables are guided through a cylinder and anchored to the load, and a sophisticated software program is used to synchronize the load movement.

Bigge recently engineered a custom strand-jack based lifting solution for two 1,800-ton bridge sections for the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge, lifting them 200 feet to within a 1/32-inch tolerance.

  • Capacities of more than 1000-tons
  • Computer-controlled, state-of-the-art units
  • Lift speeds of up to 8-meters/hour
  • Largest and most advanced strand jack fleet in the U.S.

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