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Founded in 1947, Grove is among the world's largest makers of mobile hydraulic cranes. Their product line extends to rough terrain, all terrain, truck mounted and Yardboss, industrial cranes. Grove also makes custom-made military cranes for armed forces worldwide. The first to introduce a slewing rough terrain crane and trapezoidal boom, Grove continues to be one of the most innovative crane manufacturers. Grove also has one of the most comprehensive arrays of mobile cranes, from small but powerful Yardboss cranes, designed for jobs in tight quarters, to massive seven axle all-terrain cranes capable of lifting a load of 550 tons. All Grove cranes for sale have been professionally maintained by certified mechanics and are in excellent operating condition.

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Year Mfg/Model Cap.  Boom Fixed Jib Type Price Thumbnail
2007 Grove GMK5275 275 223 69 ALL TERRAIN CRANES $1,350,000 Grove GMK5275
1997 Grove RT865B 65 125 31-56 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES $190,000 Grove RT865B
2006 Grove RT760E 60 110 33-56 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES $279,000 Grove RT760E
2002 Grove RT760E 60 110 32-56 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES $215,000 Grove RT760E
2005 Grove RT760E 60 110 32-56 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES $255,000 Grove RT760E
2007 Grove RT650 50 105 51 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES $290,000 Grove RT650
2000 Grove RT650E 50 105 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES $189,000 Grove RT650E
2006 Grove RT530E 30 95 26-45 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES $169,000 Grove RT530E