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Whether you are looking to add brand new or quality used cranes to your fleet - Bigge is your trusted partner to help find the right crane and the right price to fit your budget.

With over a century of experience in the crane business, we know what it takes to build the Perfect Fleet – let us help you create yours with best-in-class new and used cranes from the world's top manufacturers.

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Bigge is an authorized dealer for Tadano, Kobelco, Potain, Peiner, Terex, Comedil, Merlo, Xtreme, and more. New cranes can ship from our facilities or directly from the manufacturer. As a dealer, Bigge offers the best price on new cranes and direct access to crane parts.

Why Choose Bigge-Owned and Maintained Used Cranes for Sale

With over 1,800 cranes in our fleet and over 100 years in the crane business, we’re experts at choosing the best crane in every class and maintaining our equipment in top-notch working conditions. With world-class crane maintenance facilities and a team of expert mechanics, each crane in our fleet is carefully inspected after every job, expertly maintained, and safely stored until it’s ready to go out on its next jobsite.

When you buy a used crane from Bigge, you can rest assured that your equipment will serve you for many years. Looking to purchase a used crane? Check out our Used Crane Buying Checklist.

We buy used equipment too! If you’re looking to sell or trade your crane, check out our Sell Your Crane Guide.

Largest Inventory and Best Selection of High-Quality Cranes in the US

As one of America’s largest crane companies in the US, Bigge buys hundreds of new and used cranes every year. We have dealer agreements and exclusive partnerships with the world’s top crane manufacturers, carefully selecting only best-in-class models.

We put tireless research and extensive real-world experience to use when choosing what manufacturers and models to carry. We know which crane models require the least maintenance, have the best uptimes, and carry the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Only those cranes that pass the test are added to Bigge’s Perfect Fleet and are offered to our customers.

Unbeatable Crane Dealer Pricing on New Cranes

Bigge is an authorized dealer for Tadano, Kobelco, Potain, Peiner, Terex, Comedil, Merlo, Xtreme, Alimak, and many others. New cranes can ship from our facilities or directly from the manufacturer to a port of your choosing. As a dealer, Bigge offers the best price on new cranes and direct access to OEM crane parts.

Bigge is also a proud partner of Liebherr, Manitowoc, Comedil, and other world-leading crane manufacturers. Our long-term relationships with manufacturers allow us to get first access to inventory and the best pricing available on new cranes for sale.

Buy a Crane With Confidence - FAQ

Should I Buy a New or Used Crane?

Why buy new? New cranes come with a manufacturer’s warranty and the peace of mind that only you have used your equipment. You’ll also gain access to the latest and greatest features, functionality, and safety measures provided by the manufacturer. Finally, loan rates for new machines are often lower than rates on used equipment, making your purchase easier for your business to complete.

Why buy used? Used cranes are less expensive than new cranes, making them the best option when you are on a budget. Older cranes depreciate more slowly and can often have fewer surprises because the crane has already been at work and proven its work-readiness. Used Bigge cranes have also been inspected and maintained by the Bigge team, retaining their quality for years.

What Types of Cranes Does Bigge Sell?

Bigge is your one-stop shop when looking for new or used cranes or heavy lift equipment for sale for your projects. We have a massive inventory of used cranes in perfect working condition, including Rough Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, All-Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes, Tower Cranes, Construction Hoists, Boom Truck Cranes, Carry Deck Cranes, Telehandlers, Platform Trailers, Hydraulic Gantries, Jack-Up Systems, Platform Trailers, Strand Jacks, Mini Cranes, Crane Attachments and more. We carry the industry’s most trusted brands, including Tadano, Kobelco, Manitowoc, Potain, Liebherr, Grove, Terex, Comedil, Link-Belt, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Deliver a Crane?

Crane delivery costs vary by crane and depend on the final delivery location. With ever-increasing fuel costs, Bigge’s locations spread around the US can help save on delivery by providing options closer to your destination. For new cranes, we can often ocean freight your crane directly to your port of choice to help save as well.

Is a Warranty Included on New and Used Cranes?

All Bigge cranes for sale have been professionally maintained by certified mechanics and are in excellent operating condition. Whenever a manufacturer’s warranty applies, it is included in the sale of your crane. Bigge offers an additional warranty on used equipment on a crane-by-crane basis at extra cost due. As your sales representative and warranty options on your crane purchase.