Buying a Used Crane: The Reasons It Might Be The Right Choice For You

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With over 1,600 used cranes in our fleet, we’re strong believers in the value of the used crane market. We’ve invested heavily, and continue to invest, in buying cranes from our customers and the marketplace. Let’s talk about where we see the value in buying used.

What Are The Benefits To Your Company For Buying Used?

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Regular Maintenance

Extended equipment life through proper maintenance history

Buying used cranes is a great way to add more bandwidth to your fleet, but not all used equipment is the same.

Cranes must be regularly serviced and undergo scheduled maintenance to retain their value and be predictable on a jobsite. Buying Bigge-owned and maintained cranes guarantees that the equipment has regularly gone through our 101-point inspection process and received its scheduled maintenance throughout its lifetime. Each crane in our fleet comes with its own detailed rental history record, so you can buy confidently knowing where and how each crane has been utilized.

If you’re confident the used crane you want to purchase has been regularly serviced, that’s not all to consider. The use of aftermarket or non-OEM parts can negatively affect the functionality and lifespan of a crane’s major components, such as the engine, transmission, or hydraulics. Bigge services our cranes with genuine manufacturer parts and makes these parts available to our customers for immediate delivery. This ensures that your crane has not only been well maintained, but you will also be able to keep it in top shape long after your purchase.

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New Cranes Are at an All-Time Level of Scarcity

Many top crane manufacturers are quoting 12+ month lead times for new cranes. Buying a new crane may be impossible if you have a job starting in the near future. Bigge has the largest fleet of new cranes available for sale, so reach out to let us know your need.

Buying a crane with zero hours on the engine might seem like the best way to add to your fleet, but it’s not the only way. Used cranes have already been broken-in, meaning they have gone through the initial wear and tear that new cranes go through. This can make them more reliable and less likely to run into issues than in the early operating hours of a new crane.

Buying used from Bigge’s Perfect Fleet allows you to choose from the best model cranes in their respective classes. We leverage over 100 years of experience owning, operating, and maintaining nearly all major crane models in the market. With one of the largest fleets in the United States, we have the data on which cranes will provide our customers with reliable uptime, the lowest total cost of ownership, and the features and functionality to optimize any jobsite.

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Organizations may only have so much money to invest into adding, upgrading, or renewing their fleet each year. Our late-model used cranes for sale have been expertly maintained to operate at their peak performance long after their date of purchase. With their low cost of ownership, low maintenance requirements, and the availability to begin work almost immediately, businesses can expect to see a quicker ROI than if they were to buy new. 

Purchase a well-maintained crane at a budget-friendly price from Bigge today, and realize the benefits of buying used tomorrow.

In the market to buy a used crane? Let our knowledgeable crane sales team help guide you through the process without the stress and guesswork.

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