Construction Hoist Rental Service Coast to Coast

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Construction Hoist Rental Locations

Bigge’s construction elevators are available for rent in every state, with or without an operator depending on location, including installation, dismantle, and operation. In areas where we don’t provide operators, we offer full support and training for your choice operators.

Our hoist rentals and leases include detailed maintenance services for your construction elevators throughout the duration of your project, including monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections and drop tests.

Our construction elevators are strong enough to carry up to 7000 pounds, with various platform dimensions to choose from - they come in single, dual, and high-speed configurations. Bigge’s flagship Alimak Scando series construction hoists hold the highest standards in safety. Our hoist cars are reliable and flexible for passengers and materials on your job site.

Available Construction Hoists for Rent