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Your crane is a valuable asset to your business.

Get the return when it's time to move on.

As a top crane-owning company in the United States and globally, we understand the importance of properly managing our fleet and the effect it has on our bottom line. As a crane owner, your capital investment into your equipment must be working for you.

With ever-changing jobsite demands, business size or growth changes, a fluctuating economy, or even an aging fleet, staying on top of both the quantity and mix of cranes in your fleet is essential. Sometimes, that means swapping up to a newer or larger capacity model, but sometimes, it can mean slimming down your fleet and running more lean. Regardless of the reasoning, Bigge is here to help ensure you get the most for your crane.

Crane Consignment With Bigge

Are you wanting to sell your crane but don't want to deal with the hassle of determining accurate pricing, handling inquiries, and marketing your equipment? Let Bigge help by leveraging our experienced sales team and extensive marketing investment to get the best price possible for your crane.

Consignment with Bigge comes with unique advantages over selling yourself:

  • Leverage our pricing team to ensure you get the best market price for your crane
  • Backing by our highly qualified sales team to get your equipment in front of the right customers
  • The Bigge Advantage - Customers often hesitate to buy heavy equipment from independent sellers
  • Hands-off transaction - We field all inquiries, qualify buyers, and close the deal for you
  • Support from our industry-leading Marketing team to expand your crane's audience
  • Access to the largest organic crane-buying audience on the Internet to help sell your crane faster

Sell Or Trade With Bigge

Bigge is the largest buyer of cranes in the US and we're always looking to add high-quality Perfect Fleet cranes to our fleet. If your crane is a fit, we'll make you a competitive offer for your crane, which you can take as cash or use towards a trade-in for another crane we're offering for sale.

Selling to Bigge is easy and can save you money:

  • Bigge will make an offer for your crane and can close the transaction quickly
  • Use the equity in your crane as payment towards a new crane and save on tax*
  • Skip the hassle of listing your crane and handling inquiries

Get Started

With our extensive fleet of over 1,600 cranes located across the US, Bigge has unparalleled insight into today's crane market. Benefit from over 100 years of industry data and get the best possible price for your equipment - no hassle required! Get in touch now to start the process.

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* Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been provided for informational purposes only.