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With our extensive crane fleet, Bigge has unparalleled insight into today's market. Benefit from over 100 years of industry data and get the best possible price for your equipment - no hassle required! Get in touch with us now to maximize your return.

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Crane Selling FAQs

How Do You Sell a Crane?

There are a number of ways to sell a crane, including:

  • Advertising in industry publications to reach potential buyers in the construction and heavy equipment industries.
  • Listing the crane on online marketing places that specializes in selling heavy equipment.
  • Utilizing a broker or auction service to expand the audience of potential buyers.
  • Networking with peers in the industry and letting them know the crane is available for sale.
  • Holding an open house for the crane to attract potentials buyers.
  • Sell or trade your crane with Bigge.

Each of these methods has its distinct advantages and downfalls. Selling a high-value asset such as a crane is risky if you aren’t informed on properly pricing your equipment and executing the legal transfer.

Listing a crane yourself is a relatively low-cost way to gain exposure for your equipment, but it has the disadvantage of having no support during the pricing and transaction process. Brokers and auction services can provide this support but at a hefty cost off your sale price.

Bigge is the solution to this problem. As the largest buyer and seller of cranes, we are intimately familiar with the market, pricing factors, and legal requirements for executing a crane sale. Don’t risk one of your company’s most significant assets; give Bigge a chance at buying your heavy lift equipment.

How do I determine the value of my crane?

There are several ways to determine the value of a crane, including:

  • Researching comparable cranes that have recently sold on online marketplaces.
  • Contacting a professional appraiser who specializes in heavy equipment.
  • Consulting industry guides that provide detailed information on the value of different types of cranes.
  • Analyzing the price of the crane when it was new, the depreciation, and the cost of repairs and maintenance.

While these are all valid methods for determining the price of your crane, we want to acknowledge that you are likely not in the business of regularly buying and selling cranes. Most crane owners’ primary focus is on using cranes, not transacting them.

Bigge has been buying cranes for over 100 years and has fine-tuned the skill of properly valuing heavy lift equipment. We are the largest buyer of cranes in the US and study the market daily to gauge supply and demand, the marketability of cranes by model and capacity, historical and future pricing projections, and much more.

By leveraging our vast experience, you are sure to get a competitive price for your equipment without the hassle of extensively researching and the risk of unknowingly underpricing your assets.

Why should I sell my crane to Bigge?

Bigge has one of the largest fleets in the United States and buys and sells cranes every week. With over 100 years of experience in the crane business, we have unique insight into proper crane valuations and the expertise to make the transaction quick and easy.

If you want to trade in your equipment for something new, Bigge has over 1,800 new and used cranes to choose from. We partner with our customers to find the right crane at the right price to meet your needs.

If you haven’t had a conversation with Bigge before you sell, you’re probably leaving money on the table. Get in touch and get the process started today!

What are the steps for selling a crane?

When selling a crane to Bigge, we first ask for some quick details about it, its history, and its overall condition. We use this information to judge whether there is a market for your equipment and if Bigge can make a competitive offer for your crane.

Next, a qualified crane buyer will contact you with our best offer for your crane. This offer represents a competitive price for your crane based on its market demand, condition, and age.

Once you’ve accepted our offer, Bigge will send an inspector to your crane to do a pre-purchase inspection and ensure that it matches the details you provided.

From this point, Bigge will cut you a check and arrange to pick up your crane for transport to one of our locations. The deal is done, and we sincerely hope that what can be a very tedious transaction is as pain-free and profitable as possible!

What are the steps for trading in a crane?

The process of trading in a crane with Bigge is very similar to selling a crane, but there are some unique advantages to making a trade. We follow all the steps described above to make a competitive offer and verify your equipment.

The main difference is that instead of having to sell your crane on your own, you are transferring your old crane’s value into the crane you are purchasing. This reduces your out-of-pocket cost of upgrading without the hassle of doing a “for sale by owner” transaction.

With over 1,800 cranes in our fleet, a wide variety of options are available to you as a buyer for trade in. Bigge prides itself on providing the right crane to the right customer at the right time. Doing your sale and purchase in one transaction to save money is another way Bigge has is on your side as a partner in the crane industry.