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Why Work at Bigge?

Bigge is leading the transformation of the crane and rigging industry with a unique approach to maintaining the best experience, equipment and technology in the market. Leveraging our innovative technology platform, we are forging new ground in the areas of safety, equipment utilization and employee growth.

To achieve our vision and continue the industry transformation we know is possible, we are seeking to attract the industry’s most talented professionals. Here’s how:

The Work Environment

We believe maintaining a safe working environment is critical to our success – and it is our promise to every member of the Bigge team. At Bigge, “Safety First” is more than just our slogan; it is our most important core value and an integral part of our company’s culture. Led by our executive leadership, our commitment to implement and execute health, safety, and environmental practices is reflected in everything we do. From the early planning stages to the completion of our work, we are committed to being a world-class contractor in safety. The goal of our culture is to promote an injury and accident-free environment, and provide for the safest workplace possible for our team members, clients, other project-site contractors and the public.

Bigge has the best equipment in the industry. We continuously invest in our fleet to give our customers a variety of crane options from leading manufacturers. Our team members enjoy working with one another and have fun working on challenging, meaningful projects together – while in the comfort of wearing jeans - "Bigge Casual": being yourself.

Investing in our Team

Our team members work hard for us, so we want to make sure that we provide a full suite of benefits, training programs and rewards.

In addition to competitive wages, Bigge offers a comprehensive benefits plan that includes medical (PPO, HSA, and HMO plan options), dental, vision, life insurance, team member assistant programs, short and long-term disability, and flexible spending accounts. We offer paid vacation, sick time, and holidays.

Training and professional development is a top priority for Bigge. Our training program is designed to enhance the skills of team members across all areas of the company. Team members are encouraged to take professional development, training, and certification classes. Everyone is encouraged to express their goals and discuss their career paths with their managers. Upward mobility and promoting from within matter to us.

We strive to recognize and reward top performers in our company. Through our “Bigge Bucks” Employee Recognition Program, team members are shown appreciation for their hard work and following our Core Values by being rewarded with Bigge Bucks that can be redeemed for the award of their choosing. We also have company-wide quarterly and annual peer-nominated awards based on our five Core Values – Safety, Teamwork, Innovation, Results, and Passion. Team members are awarded with cash prizes and plaques for their hard work and dedication as seen by their peers. Bigge also recognizes loyal team members and rewards them for their devotion through special anniversary gifts.

The Perks

Bigge has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1916. The owners want team members to feel they are part of a work family that cares about one another. We are continuously thinking of new ways to show our team members that we appreciate them and value their contributions.

In our larger locations, we have monthly catered lunches for everyone in the branch, and we encourage team members to take time to eat with one another while senior leadership talks about what is currently going on throughout the organization. Speaking of eating, at our San Leandro location we offer a variety of fresh fruit and healthy snacks to keep our team members energized for the week.

To cultivate a healthy work-life balance, “One Bigge” committees were created – and team members from across the organization can join. Whether you have a passion for giving back to the community, “greening” the work environment, or health and fitness, there is a committee for it! Through these committees, we have hosted blood and food drives, a Habitat for Humanity build, donated supplies to local schools and animal shelters, subsidized Fitbits for team members, created a quarterly peer-nominated awards program, organized and attended professional sporting events together, and more. We also have on-site gym facilities and fitness classes in our larger locations.

Bigge cares about the future of our team members, which is why we have a robust 401k program. Team members are 100% vested in the safe harbor match once it is deposited in their account – and the employer match is generous.

Forefront of Technology

Here at Bigge, we are at the forefront of using technology to automate our internal processes and create repeatable, sustainable workflow initiatives. We believe in helping our team members do their jobs efficiently and effectively, whether it is in our inventory control processes, forecasting, dispatch, accounting, or in the field. Leading the industry, we implement the newest technologies to make our business seamless for customers and team members. With over 100 years in the crane business, Bigge has a vision to combine our century of expertise with innovative technology to create a truly 21st century crane company.

Utilizing our sound internal processes, Bigge looks to empower other crane companies to optimize their operations with custom tools and processes using our specialized BlueBuilder technology – the same technology that has positioned us as leaders in the crane and rigging industry. Our vision is to help other crane companies quote business faster, close business, and get customers the equipment they need, using cloud-based mobile technology. BlueBuilder makes sales and operations processes easier, quicker and more automated, getting customers the right equipment to the right jobsite, on-time and as quoted.

Our core values - the commitment to maintaining a safe work environment, caring for our people by fostering teamwork, striving for innovation, being results-driven, and maintaining the passion for what we do - have led to our success.

Bigge is not just a crane and rigging company; it is a family that is being built one team member at a time.

Hiring Our Heroes

Bigge will be attending the RecruitMilitary Career Fair at the Oakland Coliseum on Thursday, May 4th, 2017. The event is being held between 11:00am and 3:00pm Pacific time. Members of management and human resources will be present to conduct on the spot interviews and to talk about the excellent career opportunities Bigge has to offer our veterans. Veterans that are interested in attending the event can learn more about it here.

Veterans Testimonials

Thomas Baron – United States Marine Corps

Being a project manager at Bigge is about taking care of your employees and maintaining customer satisfaction in a timely, sufficient manner. Being in the Marines molded me to be the effective leader that I need to be for Bigge. In the Marine Corps, you must hold yourself and others accountable. You must establish relationships, ensure that all needs are identified and tracked, and guarantee equipment is high quality and operational. When I was promoted to a NCO (Non-Commission Officer) I was expected to train, implement preventive maintenance practices, and coordinate operational needs while simultaneously being responsible for 15 marine equipment operators and 300 pieces of rolling assets that had to be ready to use.

I still carry those same standards the Marine Corps expected of me to my work at Bigge. I am now responsible for multiple tower crane and hoist construction projects, the people working those projects, and customer satisfaction for a timely job done right. I look forward to coming to work each day to build a better tomorrow for myself and for Bigge.

Roy Glickman, Branch Manager – United States Army

While the Army mission and the Bigge mission is obviously different, there is an absolute similarity as to the standard of work and safety. In both the Army and in Bigge, we operate in absolutes.

Our work requirements, standards of execution and safety standards require precision to keep the people on the job safe. Like the Army, Bigge has a strong culture of pride and teamwork. In my past life, we called this esprit de corps, and took comfort in its presence.

Recruiting Veterans


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Bigge Core Values

Bigge Core Purpose: We believe in the American tradition of privately-owned enterprise and are in business to deliver the best expertise, equipment and technology to the crane and rigging industry. 

Our Vision is to produce exceptional results by transforming the crane and rigging industry through well-designed processes that maximize the use of technology and by continually delivering the right fleet in the right market at the right time.

Bigge’s people engage in a culture of doing business guided by its core values. 

  • SAFETY: We value safety above all else, and believe good judgment is essential to our success.
  • TEAMWORK: We are One Bigge.
  • INNOVATION: We embrace agility, empowerment, and ongoing improvement.
  • RESULTS: We are accountable to our customers, ourselves, and each other.
  • PASSION: We love this business and are committed to bringing the perfect fleet to the industry.
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Bigge - 100 Years

Over 100 Years of Innovation

In 2016, Bigge celebrated our 100 year centennial - a milestone many companies never reach.

As a fast-growing, 4th generation-run, privately-held company, we have branches across the US, each supported by state-of-the-art technology and with the most talented teams in the crane and rigging industry. We are always looking to hire the best talent for our open positions in the field, shop or office. Join us at Bigge.

A Century of Excellence

Bigge is a national leader in the crane and rigging and heavy haul industries. Our projects have an effect on the infrastructure of America. Check out some of our recent projects in action through our videos and photos.

A Century of Excellence

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