At Bigge, “Safety First” is more than just a slogan. It represents our most important core value and an integral part of our company’s culture.

From the early planning stages to the last team member to leave a jobsite, we are committed to educating and fostering an injury and accident-free environment. We accept nothing but the safest workplace environment possible for our employees, customers, project-site contractors, and the general public.


Record Numbers

With over 2 million hours worked in 2022, Bigge had a record-low TRIR of 0.37 and an EMR of 0.55, which are remarkable scores for a company that owns and operates over 1,800 cranes nationwide. Bigge is recognized by official safety committees and customers for superior safety standards and practices.


Recipe for Success

Bigge’s Perfect Fleet® is operated and maintained by the industry’s most qualified, talented, and passionate people, including CCO-trained operators, manufacturer-certified mechanics, highly trained rigging crews, professional engineers, expert field supervisors, and dynamic administrative personnel.

By investing in the right equipment and hiring the best people for the job, Bigge extends unparalleled value to our customers. We confidently ensure the successful completion of projects, leading to repeat business and high customer satisfaction.


A Team Effort

From the early planning stages to the completion of work, we are committed to promoting an injury and accident-free environment for our employees, clients, project-site contractors, and the public.

We regularly perform crane walk-throughs and safety stand-downs, both at our facilities and on the jobsite. Taking a moment to highlight the importance of daily inspections, we checked our cranes alongside customers from the block & ball to the boom to the tracks. We believe safety begins with teamwork.

Thought Leaders

We hold ourselves above the base-level expectation of safety compliance. We believe we owe it to the industry to innovate, educate, and partner with our customers and the industry to make safety the center focus of any successful lift.

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