“We are One Bigge.” This slogan represents a commitment to our team members and our organization. Working together towards a common goal as a cohesive, unified team will always result in exceptional results for our business, employees, and customers.


We Are One

Scott DeLay, our Regional Service Manager for Northern California, has been with Bigge for over 13 years and works with a team totaling over 200 years of combined experience in the crane industry. Scott says, “The work we do here at the shop fascinates me; everyone considers each other a family member, which has helped sync us up. Believing and trusting each other only makes the result of our work together better.”


Recipe for Success

Teamwork is essential to the Bigge Crane and Rigging organization because it allows us to harness our diverse team members’ collective expertise and experience. By collaborating and pooling our strengths, we can tackle complex projects with timeliness, efficiency, and precision.

Fostering effective communication, promoting a positive work environment, and ensuring safety remains top priorities.


Elevating America Together

Bigge’s Perfect Fleet® wouldn’t be what it is without the industry’s most qualified, talented, and passionate people, including CCO-trained operators, manufacturer-trained mechanics, expert rigging crews, professional engineers, and top-notch administrative personnel.

With a proven track record of investing in the right equipment and hiring the best people for the job, Bigge extends unparalleled value to our customers, ensuring successful project completion and high customer satisfaction.


Elevate America With Us

Joining the team at Bigge offers unparalleled professional growth and development opportunities, with access to a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment and advanced industry technologies. Our company's commitment to innovation and operational excellence ensures a challenging and dynamic work environment where team members can thrive.

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