Oversized Storage

Receive, Store and Haul

Since our inception in 1916, Bigge has provided drayage services to our customers and the Receive, Store, and Haul business has always been a core strength of our company. As a licensed and insured contractor, with storage capacity at multiple locations around the country, Bigge has up to 8 Million sq. ft. of available storage.

Bigge has all the tools necessary to offload, transload, securely store, and transport your equipment to its final destination. Whether we are handling air conditioning units, cold water chillers, precast concrete sections, refinery vessels, structural steel, or any other oversized, heavy, or complex property, Bigge has the capability to safely manage your drayage requirement.

With multiple locations in Northern and Southern California, along with facilities in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, and Virginia, Bigge provides enclosed, secured, and monitored indoor and outdoor storage for both short- and long-term requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can make the storage, protection and scheduled delivery of your property to its final destination seamless, perfectly executed Receive, Store and Haul project.