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Bigge is the authorized dealer for the Terex, Terex/Peiner and Terex/Comedil Tower crane brands. All of the Peiner cranes are hammerhead style - tower cranes that are top climbing and have a proven track record as very effective and efficient hoisting tools. Comedil offers self-erecting, hammerhead/flat-top and luffing tower cranes. Bigge also carries climbing cages, foundation anchors and all of the tower crane spare parts necessary to operate and maintain tower cranes.

Bigge is the largest Terex Tower Crane dealer in the world. New cranes from our partners can ship directly from the factory. All others, including those by other manufacturers, can ship from any of our facilities located throughout the United States. We offer financing, lease purchase option, and letters of credit for our international buyers. Call us at (510) 639-4041 or email our crane sales team for more information.

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Year Mfg/Model Cap.  Boom Fixed Jib Type Price Thumbnail
2015 Comedil CTT721 40 238 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comedil CTT721
2015 Peiner SK575 32 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Peiner SK575
2015 Comedil CTL630 32 218 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comedil CTL630
2014 Comedil CTL400 24 197 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comedil CTL400
2014 Comedil CTL340 24 316 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comedil CTL340
2015 Comedil CTT561-24 24 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comedil CTT561-24
2015 Peiner SK415 20 208 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Peiner SK415
1993 Liebherr 550HC20 20 265 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Liebherr 550HC20
2015 Comedil CTT561 20 275 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comedil CTT561
2015 Comedil CTT331 16 246 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comedil CTT331
2015 Comedil CTT191 10 147 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comedil CTT191
2014 Potain Igo T 85 A 6.6 148 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Potain Igo T 85 A
2001 Potain HDT80 6.5 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Potain HDT80
1986 Comansa SH-5533 5.3 132 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comansa SH-5533
2007 Comedil CBR36H-4 4 118 TOWER CRANES P.O.R Comedil CBR36H-4