Broderson IC-20-1J

Carry Deck Crane Information

Max Cap 2.5 US Tons
Boom 6-15 ft

Broderson IC-20-1J Crane Overview and Specifications

The IC-20 – 1J is a self-propelled industrial crane designed for in-plant lifting and material handling applications. It is powered by either a dual fuel (gasoline/​LPG) or diesel engine. The IC-20 has special features of low height, narrow width, short length, cargo deck, rear-wheel steer, and front-wheel drive. The basic unit consists of a chassis and hydraulic boom assembly. The chassis includes a frame, three hydraulic outriggers, an oil tank, a control station, and full power steering. The boom assembly includes a hydraulic powered 90° swing turret, 3‑section telescopic boom, hydraulic boom elevating cylinder, and hydraulic powered hoist.

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