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Broderson IC250

The IC-250-3C is a self-propelled Industrial Crane designed for material handling and maintenance and repair of equipment, with special features of self-loading cargo decks, 4-wheel steer, and front-wheel drive (4-wheel drive optional). The basic unit consists of a chassis and hydraulic boom assembly. The chassis includes a frame, four hydraulic independently controlled outriggers, engine, torque converter, powershift 4-speed transmission, front planetary drive/steer axle and rear steer-only axle, fuel tank, hydraulic tank, control station, power steering and dual power brakes. The boom assembly includes a hydraulic powered continuous rotation turret, proportional 4-section telescopic boom, hydraulic boom elevating cylinder, hydraulic boom telescope cylinder and hydraulic powered hoist. Rated Capacity Limiter is standard.


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2017 Broderson IC250
18.00 50   On Request
New Carry Deck Cranes
2011 Broderson IC250-3C
18.00 50 20 $165,000
Used Carry Deck Cranes

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