Comansa 16LC220-10t

Tower Crane Information

Max Cap 10 US Tons

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Comansa 16LC220-10t Crane Overview and Specifications

The Comansa 16LC220-10t is an easy-to-assemble tower crane that has a max lift capacity of 10 tons (9 t), a main boom max length of 213 ft. (65 m), and a max jib length of 213 ft. (65 m). It comes with narrow jib and tower sections that come in panel structure, making it easier to transport the crane. All other parts are also designed to have light assembly weights, making assembly faster and safer.

The Comansa 16LC220-10t features an Effi-Plus system that improves the lowering and lifting speeds of small loads by up to 70 percent. This increases the efficiency of the crane by up to 29 percent without using more energy or power. The lifting, slewing, and trolley maneuvers all have frequency variation, making it possible to distribute loads precisely and evenly.

Those aren’t the only impressive features of this tower crane though. The Comansa 16LC220-10t also comes with PowerLift, a momentum control and limiting method that improves the load diagram by up to 10 percent at lower speeds. With this mechanism, the crane can move the nominal load shown in the chart over longer distances.

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