Comansa 21 LC 210

Tower Crane Information

Max Cap 20 US Tons
Jib Length 210

Comansa 21 LC 210 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Comansa 21 LC 210 is a flat top modular tower crane with 6 tower sections, the maximum lift capacity is 18 metric tons (19.84 U.S. tons), its maximum jib length is 66 m (216.53 ft.). When the jib is at maximum length the lifting capacity is 2.5 metric tons (2.75 U.S. tons). Up to 4 different configurations to build the crane and the max height being 64.61 m (212 ft).

The 21 LC 210 is equipped with a 60 hp hoist unit, the unit can be upgraded to an 87 hp hoist or 148 hp hoist if more power is needed. The crane’s reeving system uses a single trolley. The trolley is sent out with a basket cage to keep the trolley and hooks in place to pre-install the hoist rope reeving easily during assembly on the ground. The slew motor is a GR-12.

The LC2100 series features a panoramic cab which allows the operator to oversee the work area and includes a seat with integrated controls and other ergonomic features that improve the worker’s comfort. An optional panoramic XL cab is also available, it has more room for things such as a mini-fridge and includes space for a microwave or any other small electrical household appliance. Inside is a digital indicator system, giving the crane operator information required to improve crane control and safety. The intuitive system is compatible with an anti-collision system and includes a prohibited area function. Another great feature about the LC2100 series is that it makes many of their tower and jib elements compatible and interchangeable between the cranes in the series, and even with other models of different series.

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