Comansa 21LC550 Series

Tower Crane Information

Comansa 21LC550 Series

Max Cap 12-18 US Tons
Jib 262 ft


Comansa 21LC550 crane series represent some of the most popular models in the entire Comansa flat-top tower crane line. This series comes with a cutting-edge Flat Top system that makes it a lot easier to assemble than other cranes in its class. Besides making the crane a lot easier to package, transport, and assemble, this mechanism also eliminates the need for a second large auxiliary crane during assembly, it removes the complications of installing pendant lines, and it also removes the need to pre-assemble the jib sections on the ground since they can be directly fitted on the crane and each other.

There are two models within the series — Comansa 21LC550-12t and Comansa 21LC550-18t.

Comansa 21LC550-12t tower crane has a max lift capacity of 12 tons (10.9 t), a main boom max length of 288 ft. (88 m), and a max jib length of 262 ft. (80 m). It comes with a panoramic cab that provides operators with maximum comfort. Items in the cab include thermal and acoustical lining, a fire extinguisher, tinted windows, a comfortable operator’s seat, ergonomic crane controls, optional air conditioning, a CD/MP3 player, and a host of safety mechanisms.

Comansa 21LC550-18t is an easy-to-assemble tower crane that has a max lift capacity of 18 tons (16 t), a main boom max length of 288 ft. (88 m), and a max jib length of 262 ft. (80 m). It comes standard with a panoramic cab that is fitted with lots of operator-friendly items. Some of these include: a comfortable operator seat, ergonomic crane controls, tinted windows, a fire extinguisher, acoustical and thermal insulation, and an optional air conditioning system

For those looking to push the capabilities of this already impressive tower crane even further, there are a couple of options available to do just that like a BM16 oscillation absorber and optional jibs.

Models in this Series