Comansa 5LC5010-5t

Tower Crane Information

Comansa 5LC5010-5t

Max Cap 5 US Tons

The Comansa 5LC5010-5t is an easy-to-erect tower crane. It has a max lift capacity of 5 tons (4.5 t), a main boom max length of 165 ft. (50 m), and a max jib length of 165 ft. (50 m). Erecting this crane is relatively simple thanks to the Flat Top system that comes standard. This allows light and larger sections to be installed directly from the back of the truck, improving the speed and safety of the process. Thanks to the Flat Top system, there is no need to pre-assemble jib sections on the ground since they can be directly installed on the crane itself, a feature that comes in handy when working in tight spaces. This mechanism also removes the complications of installing pendant-lines.

The Comansa 5LC5010-5t features a spacious cab that is loaded with accessories operators will appreciate. Some of these include ergonomic crane controls, thermal and acoustical insulation, tinted windows, a fire extinguisher, a cup holder, a CD player, a comfortable operator’s seat, and an ashtray. It also comes equipped with a few impressive safety features like a Lincomatic digital load indication system, a Forbidden Zone indicator, and an anti-collision system.

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