Comansa LCL165-8t

Tower Crane Information

Comansa LCL165-8t Crane Overview and Specifications

The Comansa LCL 165 8t is a free standing stationary luffing jib tower crane with a maximum freestanding height is 49.5 m (162 ft.). This tower crane is smallest of the LCL series and has a maximum lift capacity of 8 metric tons (8.8 U.S. tons). The maximum jib length is 50 m (164 ft.), while the jib is at maximum length the lifting capacity is 2 metric tons (2.2 U.S. tons). Comansa designed the LCL series to be easier to transport by creating a modular system which breaks down large components and making them lighter. Many of the parts are interchangeable with other Comansa tower models creating many configurations that work best for the job.

The LCL 165 8t comes equipped with a 24kW hoist which can be substituted for a more powerful 37 kW or a 65 kW hoist. The hoist and luffing cables come pre installed with reevings. The crane utilizes the Effi-Plus system which increases hoist speeds at low capacity. The system makes it easier operate smoothly while moving without sudden stops.

What makes the LCL series different from other tower cranes is that the hoisting mechanisms are placed in the front, near to the cabin, instead of mounted on the counter jib. This unique designs helps reduce the slewing radius on the counterjib to fit into tighter jobsites. It also simplifies the hoist cable route for the crane itself which helps to increase production and reducing downtime for maintenance.

The cabin has an ergonomic design that makes working more comfortable for the operator. The cab includes an easy to use Electronic Control System with onscreen indicators, along with anti-collision and forbidden zone systems. The electric control is contained in a single and conveniently lighted cabinet for easier maintenance.

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