Comansa LCL280-18t

Tower Crane Information

Comansa LCL280-18t

Max Cap 19.8 US Tons

The Comansa LCL 280 – 18t is a free standing stationary luffing jib tower crane. This tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 18 metric tons (19.84 U.S. tons). The maximum jib length is 60 meters (213 ft.), the lifting capacity while the jib is at maximum length is 2.9 metric tons (3.2 U.S. tons). The maximum freestanding height is 53.2 m (174.54 ft.), including an optional 8 m base that can be used. The base can be used interchangeably with other tower components from different models to increase tower height. The crane can be set up using either an undercarriage or concrete anchors. 

The crane comes equipped with a 50 kW hoist unit along with 790 m (2591 ft.) of rope. There is an optional upgrade of a 65 KW hoist unit with the same amount of rope length or if more rope is needed there is a 1280 meter (4199 ft.) drum. 

The LCL series uses the Effi-Plus system with the hoist system, it increases hoist speeds and lowering speeds while using less energy consumption. When the Effi-Plus is combined with the automated reeving change function, the operator can change the speed-load chart by selecting the appropriate reeving mode. The system is fully automated so the operator can do it without leaving the cabin, reducing manual labor and the need of third party assistance 

For additional information about optional equipment/​features about the Comansa LCL 280 18 t, please contact us for details. Our Bigge representatives are on standby for any assistance or questions.