Comansa LCL310-12t

Tower Crane Information

Comansa LCL310-12t Crane Overview and Specifications

The Comansa LCL 310 – 12t is a luffing jib tower crane and is the smallest of the 310 series. The maximum height of the crane is 59 m (193.5 ft.). This tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 12 metric tons (13.2 U.S. tons). The maximum jib length is 60 meters (213 ft.), and the lifting capacity while the jib is at maximum length is 3.5 metric tons (3.85 U.S. tons). At maximum length the jib is composed of 7 parts and while at its minimum it uses 3 parts. The crane can be set up using either an undercarriage or concrete anchors.

The LCL 310 – 12t comes equipped with a 50 kW hoist unit that has 790 m (2591 ft.) of rope, with an option to upgrade to an optional 65 kW hoist with the same amount of rope or a 65 kW hoist with 1280 (4199) m of rope. The drums come with factory pre installed lines making setting up the crane and putting it to use faster.

The hoist mechanisms use Comansa’s Effi Plus system, a motorization system that improves hoist speed with light loads. The Effi Plus increases hoist productivity without sacrificing the amount of energy consumed by the crane. Depending on the angle of the jib, luffing movement speed varies. Both hoist and luffing movements allow microspeed mode for an optimal positioning control.

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