Comansa LCL310-24t

Tower Crane Information

Comansa LCL310-24t Crane Overview and Specifications

The Comansa LCL 310 – 24t is a luffing jib tower crane, largest in the 310 line. Its heavy lifting capabilities are ideal to get the job done in crowded sites such as urban areas. This tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 24 metric tons (26.45 U.S. tons), with a maximum jib length of 60 m (213.25 ft.). The lifting capacity while jib is at maximum length is 3.2 metric tons (3.5 U.S. tons). The jib can extend with up to 7 sections, with counterweight varying depending on the length and weight of the load.

This crane is a free standing stationary crane and can use an undercarriage or concrete anchors. The maximum height it reaches is 59 m (193.5 ft.). A 65 kW hoist with 640m of rope comes with the crane but an optional 110 kW hoist with the same rope length is available and for those who need more rope. A 110 KW hoist with 1450 meters of rope is possible. To help reduce assembly time and labor the hoist and luffing cables come from the factory with pre-installed reeving.

The Linden Comansa LCL series uses a modular design of the jib and mast, allowing the parts to be dismantled making it easier to transport and put back together. Certain parts can be used interchangeably with other crane parts to help configure the crane best for the jobsite. You have the option of using an internal climbing unit or braces.

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