Comansa LCL500-24t

Tower Crane Information

Comansa LCL500-24t Crane Overview and Specifications

The Comansa LCL 500 – 24t is a luffing jib tower crane, ideal for using in crowded sites such as urban areas. This tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 24 metric tons (26.45 U.S. tons). The maximum jib length is 65 m (213.25 ft.), and the lifting capacity while jib is at maximum length is 4.7 metric tons (5.18 U.S. tons).

The LCL 500 – 24t features an automatic reeving change mechanism, it allows the crane to switch from 12 to 24 ton capacity in a matter of seconds, which helps reduce the amount of work time and makes handling materials easier. The crane comes equipped with a 65 kW hoist and can be upgraded for an optional 110 kW hoist if needed. Comansa frequency control has variable speeds from low to maximum speed.

This crane comes standard with pre-installed with luffing rope for reeving. Once mounted on the crane, it is ready for use, saving time with installation and dismantling. The LCL 500 – 24t tower crane is easy to transport and install. All of the crane parts can be disassembled into smaller light components, with guiding and support elements to make it easier for the work crew.

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