Comansa LCL500-30t

Tower Crane Information

Comansa LCL500-30t Crane Overview and Specifications

The Comansa LCL 500 – 30t is a luffing jib tower crane, excellent for working in congested city areas. Their small slewing radius allows and heavy lifting capabilities are ideal in urban areas, this tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 30 metric tons (33 U.S. tons). The maximum jib extension length is 65 meters (213.25 ft.), while the lifting capacity at maximum length is 4.2 metric tons (4.62 U.S. tons).

The LCL 500 – 30t is a free standing stationary crane. Its structural components, platforms, and cabin are easy to setup and install. While setting up the crane, either braces or an internal climbing unit can be used. The crane comes with a foldable cross-base, which gives the LCL 500 – 30t a maximum freestanding mast height of 68.3m (224 ft.). The crane uses a 65 kW hoist that has 800 m (2624.67 ft.) of rope with an option 110 kW hoist. A new automatic reeving change mechanism allows the operator to switch from 12 metric tons to 24 metric tons in seconds, allowing the crane to adapt to the jobsite and work in an efficient manner.

The Comansa LCL series uses frequency controlled drives which makes carrying and moving loads smooth and effortless, and is used on both luffing and hoist movement. Safety is always important when dealing with cranes, Comansa’s security system helps prevent the crane from moving anywhere from which the radius limitations have been set.

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