Comansa Linden LC-5211

Tower Crane Information

Comansa Linden LC-5211

Max Cap 5.5 US Tons

The LC-5211 is the latest crane from Linden-Comansa, one of the world leaders in tower crane construction. This flat top tower crane has a maximum lift capacity of 5 metric tons (5.5 U.S. tons). The horizontal jib has a maximum length of 54 m (177.4 ft). The crane’s lifting capacity while at maximum length is 1 metric tons (1.1 U.S. tons). The maximum hook height of the crane reaches up to 52.4 m (172.2 ft). The LC-5211 is versatile and has multiple configurations depending whether or not if it is using a concrete foundation or undercarriage. Different counterweights are used depending on the length and height of the jib. 

The LC-5211 is equipped with a winch, hook and trolley. There is an option of choosing another hook and winch. The crane operates using a 400 volt power capacity. Erecting this crane has a simplified process courtesy of the Flat Top system that comes standard, which eliminates the hassle of installing pendant-lines, and there’s no longer a need to pre-assemble jib sections on the ground since they can be directly fitted on the crane. This crane has a compact design that makes it ideal for environments with limited overhead clearance. This flat top crane has been crafted for easy assembly and operation. 

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