Comedil CBR 36

Tower Crane Information

Comedil CBR 36

Max Cap 4.4 US Tons

The Comedil CBR36 self-erecting crane was developed after years of research and testing. It has a max lift capacity of 4.4 tons (4 t), a mast length of 76 ft. (23 m), and a max jib length of 118 ft. (36 m). It is extremely easy to transport, given the fact it can simply be driven on the road from one worksite to another, and it can also be loaded into a container and shipped.

It comes with a comfortable cab operators will appreciate. Items in the cab include an air conditioning/​heating system, visual displays, a deluxe operator’s seat, and ergonomically designed crane controls.

Erecting the Comedil CBR36 has been simplified thanks to cutting-edge, automated systems that come standard. It also comes with variable frequency control drive assemblies, and first rate quality and safety components. The entire frame and structure of this self-erecting crane is vanized, making it one of the highest rated cranes in its class.

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